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Everything to know about Finding Office Space

Coworking? Private Offices? A Quick Guide To Your Company’s Real Estate Riddle

The rise of coworking means that small companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers have more office options than ever to choose from—but also a big decision to make for which they may... Read More

SquareFoot Dictionary

Office Space: Usable Square Feet: Measurement of the commercial space that a tenant has exclusive use of Carpetable square footage: Usable square footage minus any areas that are devoted to... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Working with a Tenant Broker

Navigating the realities of finding office space can present business owners with some tough choices. Thankfully, learning the basics of the leasing process and understanding how to best work with... Read More

SquareFoot Guide to Opening Your First NYC Office

Whether you’re a domestic company looking to open a satellite office on the East Coast or an international corporation looking to grow in the U.S., the chances are high that... Read More

4 Steps to Find and Rent Hedge Fund Office Space [2019 Edition]

The first step to any office move is taking time to understand your budget, needs, and deal-breakers. This up front exercise will go a long way towards focusing your search... Read More

5 Keys to Finding Law Office Space for Rent

The office space you choose has a profound impact on company culture, employee well-being, and overall productivity. Whether your law firm has outgrown its space or you’re just looking for... Read More

How to Know Your Class A Buildings from Your Class C Buildings [2019 Edition]

Without fully knowing what Class A buildings are, you can quickly ascertain that they’re the best in breed commercial buildings can offer. Building classifications in most markets denote what kind... Read More

A Renter’s Guide to Executive Suites [2019 Edition]

Updated January, 2019 If you’re in the market for office space, you should learn about all of your options. Are you looking for Class A space? A executive suite setup?... Read More

Is Craigslist Office Space Safe to Rent?

Craigslist is overwhelmingly used by well-intentioned, honest people. But it’s still important to keep your wits to avoid the bad actors, especially when large sums of money are involved as... Read More

Need More Work Space? Why You Should Start Looking Sooner Than You Think

Whether you’re a fledgling business thinking about your first office, or you’re a trendy tech company adding new employees by the day, it’s never too early to start exploring your... Read More

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