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Everything to know about Leasing Office Space

10 surprising questions to ask before leasing a new office space

When looking for a new workplace, companies tend to focus on the actual office space. But anyone who has endured an endless morning elevator wait knows that the building itself... Read More

SquareFoot Dictionary

Office Space: Usable Square Feet: Measurement of the commercial space that a tenant has exclusive use of Carpetable square footage: Usable square footage minus any areas that are devoted to... Read More

How to Sublease Your Office: Pros, Cons, and Hidden Costs

If you’re renting office space but not using all the space, why let it go to waste? Much like apartment renters use Airbnb to rent out their extra rooms, businesses... Read More

5 Keys to Finding Law Office Space for Rent

The office space you choose has a profound impact on company culture, employee well-being, and overall productivity. Whether your law firm has outgrown its space or you’re just looking for... Read More

How to Get Out of a Commercial Lease, Pain-Free

It happens to the best of companies, both big and small, young and well-established. A year or two into a long-term lease and it feels like breaking your commercial lease... Read More

The SquareFoot method for finding office space

SquareFoot combines commercial real estate listings with an in-house brokerage team to help you secure space for rent as efficiently as possible. When you inquire about an available listing on... Read More

5 Reasons Your Security Deposit is So High

When leasing office space, it’s often difficult to know how large a security deposit is fair or what to expect. Especially if you’ve never been through the process before. Every... Read More

How Much Does it Really Cost to Rent an Office?

Renting an office will be one of your biggest operating expenses as a business. How big? That depends largely on the city and the size of the space. First, a... Read More

What is a Good Guy Guarantee and is it Good or Bad for Tenants?

In New York commercial real estate, landlords commonly ask tenants to agree to a “Good Guy Guarantee” clause in the lease. What is it? Essentially, the good guy guarantee is... Read More

Considering an Office Sublet? 3 Things You Should Know

You might have heard through the proverbial grapevine or friends in a similar position that an office sublet is a great solution for young companies in need of their own workspace.... Read More

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