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Client Spotlight: Willem

February 14, 2019 | by Sasha Veytsman

Co-working was stifling creativity

Casual menswear brand Willem were working in a co-working space, but found the location was stifling employee creativity. The company bridges the gap between the high end luxury market and wearable, everyday classics. All of their clothes are made in high end factories in Italy and each collection represents a different historical significance.

‘We’re bringing excitement back into the clothing industry’

Injecting excitement into the clothing industry can be challenging. Particularly in a co-working space with glass walls where people can see what you’re doing all day. Willem employees need to be able to transport themselves into a realm of creativity that fosters inspiration. Their focus needs to be on what they are designing and the space around them is crucial for innovation.

A bustling office space

Willem needed to move away from a co-working space and into their own office that could portray the culture of the company. Their freelance design team, based out of New York, thrives on collaboration. They are not a quiet team; always playing music and communicating between one another. The office environment evolves from a slower pace in the morning to high energy by the evening.

Moving made easy

Leasing an office that was not in a co-working space was all new to the Willem team and can be a daunting experience. Enter SquareFoot broker Brock Sheets. Brock understood the way the company worked and what they were looking for in their first venture into leasing an office. Walking them through every step of the way and being a sounding board for any questions they had.

A place to call home

Willem’s new office is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn sporting an exposed brick wall and as much timeless character as the company’s clothing designs. The office speaks to what the Willem brand is really about and the team are excited to have their own space and the freedom that it brings. The Willem team can be found celebrating their exciting new space at Cafe Mogador or grabbing lunch at the new Digg In.

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