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Inside Baker

Designed by David Champion

October 12, 2018 | by Tim Gerber
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Tootell

Office Spotlight: 2399 Blake St

In 2017, Baker‘s co-founder and former architect David Champion designed their new office in Denver. We spoke to David and learned more about his design.


What’s the first thing someone would notice in this office?

David Champion 

At Baker, you first walk into an open lobby featuring natural light and a sightline to the hustle and bustle of the team. Most visitors feel a sense of comfort and notice our creative touches in the design, such as the custom hanging art installation of our logo. It is the perfect balance of creative/methodical and beautiful/functional elements.  


What does this office say about the company you designed it for?

David Champion 

After quickly outgrowing our space at WeWork, we knew it was time to move into our own custom space. We are thrilled to have moved into our own space — a 10,500sq.ft renovated industrial space in RiNo.


Describe the layout of this office. How does this office design encourage creativity, productivity, and team happiness?

David Champion 

When you first walk into the office you reach the lobby and north kitchen area. From there, you move through an open space where our customer facing team sits (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Support). In the middle of our office, we have a hub for our engineering and product team. At the back of the office we have another open space for Operations, Finance, and Talent featuring a second kitchen.

Throughout the entire space we factored in flexible workspaces, greenery, sit-to-stand desks, and conversation areas. Inspired by the team’s input, several forward-thinking spaces were created to promote flow working states and instill high energy levels throughout the week, including:

– Meditation room to provide a space to unwind and promote mindfulness

– Swing to bring back childlike fun

– Forest room to ground ourselves and set a peaceful environment for conversations

– Open kitchen stocked with healthy snacks to provide fuel throughout the day

– Air hockey / ping pong room to keep the workday fun and energetic

– Up-cycled 1970s Vail Resorts gondola for phone calls and meetings.


What does the space do best?

David Champion 

The space provides a collaborative environment across teams fueling creative ideas and vibrant conversations. The mix of open space and communal areas spread out across the office encourage movement throughout the office. When you grow as a company, this can easily be lost. However, we purposely designed our custom space to embrace growth, flexibility and interaction.


What went into choosing the colors and materials for the office’s decor?

David Champion 

The Baker team holds a high design standard all the way from our product to our branding. Being able to create our own space allowed us to transpose our brand from a digital presence to a collaborative work environment. Throughout the office we feature our brand colors in furniture, paint, and artwork. In addition, we have layered on natural elements/textures as well as the hexagonal angles that are complementary to our brand look and feel.


What is your favorite part of this office?

David Champion 

My favorite part of the office is our conference rooms. In most office spaces, conference rooms can be the last place you want to go. However, at Baker, each of our conference rooms are designed around a different environmental theme such as Forest, Summit, Canyon, Desert, etc. The room’s color and design is reflective of the theme.

Photographer: Baker

Designer: David Champion

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