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Inside Bennett Thrasher

Designed by HLG Studio

January 8, 2019 | by Tim Gerber

Office Spotlight: 3300 Riverwood Pkwy

In 2017, HLG Studio completed the design for Bennett Thrasher‘s new Atlanta office. We reached out to HLG Studio and learned more about their design.


What’s the first thing someone would notice in this office?

HLG Studio

Upon arrival, someone would get the impression that they are entering a hotel lobby versus a conventional office reception.    


What does this office say about the company you designed it for?

HLG Studio

The office highlights how the company puts their clients first.  Bennett Thrasher understands that in a service industry an organization’s success is tied to their clients’ success.


Describe the layout of this office. How does this office design encourage creativity, productivity, and team happiness?

HLG Studio

The space was designed to support cross-functional teaming while being mindful of visual and acoustical distractions.  The tax group performs a lot of heads down focused work while the audit team comes to the office to perform collaborative work.  The open office areas are treated as semi-private zones; however, there are a host of different configurations of meeting space in varying sizes and furnishings that support break out meetings for employees to have more spirited conversations.  The main commons area was designed to embrace Bennett Thrasher’s core value of “better together”. The commons is more than just a place to grab your lunch; it also serves as a place to work, relax, and play. In all, the combination of space types in the office give employees the choice to use spaces that match their type of work and mind frame leading to an environment that enhances employee productivity.


What does the space do best?

HLG Studio

The space was successful in developing an environment unique to Bennett Thrasher.  The architecture and finishes of the space represent a physical interpretation of the Bennett Thrasher brand while the space types and layout are closely aligned to support employee mission-critical work processes.  The space represents a good balance of aesthetic and function.


What went into choosing the colors and materials for the office’s decor?

HLG Studio

The material palette was selected to help align the office environment to the Bennett Thrasher brand while creating a sense of place that felt more like a hotel than an office.


What is your favorite part of this office?

HLG Studio

The commons set out to be a physical representation of the “better together” core value.  It surpassed the clients expectation by not only serving as a gathering space for employees but it also serves their clients and organizations that Bennett Thrasher supports.  The space is a sought after event gathering space for lunch and after hours functions.

Photographer: Brian Gassel

Designer: HLG Studio

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