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Inside Cloud Room

Designed by Graham Baba Architects

January 10, 2019 | by Tim Gerber

Office Spotlight: 1424 11th Ave

In 2017, Graham Baba Architects designed the Cloud Room co-working space in Seattle. We spoke with Graham Baba Architects to learn more.


What’s the first thing someone would notice in this office?

Graham Baba Architects 

The feeling of casual comfort and natural ease of the design.


What does this office say about the company you designed it for?

Graham Baba Architects 

They support and encourage a flexible work environment that makes you feel at home, while maintaining a high quality, cutting edge professional atmosphere.


Describe the layout of this office. How does this office design encourage creativity, productivity, and team happiness?

Graham Baba Architects 

The layout is almost entirely open plan, but still provides access to a few private phone and conference room areas.  While being open plan, the space is clearly subdivided into different areas that support various working atmospheres, such as: standard desks, bar height seating, lounge areas, open worktables, and a large outdoor patio.


What does the space do best?

Graham Baba Architects 

The space provides a professional work environment and easy access to amenities that members are proud to share with their team members and clients.


What went into choosing the colors and materials for the office’s decor?

Graham Baba Architects 

Emphasizing the airiness of the open plan with light and calming colors. Finishes at the bar area change a bit to deeper, natural materials that encourage lingering.


What is your favorite part of this office?

Graham Baba Architects 

The breadth of amenities that the design supports is unique to this office environment. It’s location is within one of Seattle’s most forward-thinking developments and houses local innovative businesses. The Cloud Room truly supports a cutting edge co-working environment that encourages its members to be leaders their community. The flexibility of use and the variety of events have been impressive to watch.

Photographer: Tim Bies, Rafael Soldi, and Lara Swimmer

Designer: Graham Baba Architects

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