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Inside HAP Capital

Designed by Fogarty Finger

November 6, 2018 | by Tim Gerber

      Office Spotlight: 395 Hudson St

In 2015, Fogarty Finger designed HAP Capital‘s office in New York. We got the chance to speak with Garrett Rock of Fogarty Finger and learn more about this impressive design.


What’s the first thing someone would notice in this office?

Fogarty Finger

As the office is situated in a former cold storage warehouse, the high ceilings and industrial concrete structure are left exposed with minimal architectural interventions.


What does this office say about the company you designed it for?

Fogarty Finger

The company relocated from the Financial District to Hudson Square in part to attract and retain talent. The character of the space is much more in-line with a younger and more creative employee.


Describe the layout of this office. How does this office design encourage creativity, productivity, and team happiness?

Fogarty Finger

Counteracting the tenant’s previous offices, we convinced the client to leave their pantry open to the work area. Anchored by a communal bar island, the pantry provides a location for group collaboration. To increase productivity, all workstations and offices have access to natural light and views.


What does the space do best?

Fogarty Finger

The various separate work groups share a large, common open workspace which allows cross collaboration and increase productivity.


What went into choosing the colors and materials for the office’s decor?

Fogarty Finger

A stripped back material palette—dark oak, polished concrete, and blackened steel—are drawn from the industrial character of the space.


What is your favorite part of this office?

Fogarty Finger

The scale of the office and retention of industrial elements gives the office a unique, personal character which is inviting.

Photographer: Connie Zhou

Designer: Fogarty Finger

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