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Inside Loeffler Randall

Designed by JIDK

November 8, 2018 | by Tim Gerber

Office Spotlight: 588 Broadway

In 2016, JIDK completed the office design for the designer shoe and handbag company Loeffler Randall, located in New York. We reached out to JIDK and they generously provided us with the following information.

Can you walk us through the space?

This top floor loft has great light due to windows facing Broadway as well as an inner courtyard. Two large skylights fill in the middle of the loft making it unusually warm and inviting. The space is entered from the middle and the large reception area is lit by the first skylight. This sets the welcoming tone for the entire space and we used that to organize it functionally as well. Two teams are sitting at either end of the loft surrounding a showroom space placed under the other skylight.

What were the objectives for the space? What was the design intent?

Working with Poonam Khanna from UnionWorks, we set about laying out the space to be both efficient and generously sparse to match the subtle elegance of their products. Loeffler Randall has a playful austerity about their aesthetic, and we all wanted that to shine through in the buildout. We needed to provide enough space for the desks and at the same time increase both the showroom and storage capabilities from the their previous space. The solution was to place the reception, meeting and storage rooms in the middle with showroom and creative team on the east side and offices and everyone else on the west (Broadway) side.

How does the design speak to the Loeffler Randall brand/mission?

The natural color palette with surprising accents has Jessie written all over it. It’s sophisticated but practical and fun at the same time.

What is the color palette for the space?

It’s a restrained color scheme in mostly natural tones.

Were any special considerations made in terms of design? Were there any restrictions?

This is another city-block deep space, so making the middle area attractive took some clever planning. Now it functions as a buffer between the teams and in doing so creates a dynamic center where people meet. It’s a function of the building’s layout, but we are using it to our advantage making it – hopefully – the quad where people meet and gather. And they have yoga sessions there!

Photographer: Peter Kubilus

Designer: JIDK

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