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Ollie’s new office space

August 29, 2019 | by Jo Cipolla
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Wasserstrum

How to find an office space with flexible lease terms

The search for a new office space in New York can be a daunting task. Many of SquareFoot’s clients are growing businesses who are looking for more office space to fit their increase in headcount. The biggest challenge that these companies face is finding a space that offers the lease flexibility that they need. Most office spaces in New York have 5-10 year leases which is often too long for a growing company. 

This is why healthy pet food start-up, Ollie, came to SquareFoot. They needed a 5,000 square foot office space with furniture included. In addition they required a 2 year lease and it was imperative their office was dog friendly.  

Finding dog friendly offices in New York

The lease of their Chelsea office space was coming to an end and the company required updates such as more meeting space. Similarly to residential buildings, not all New York office buildings are pet friendly. At Ollie every day is take your dog to work day so this was a major consideration of finding the right space. Their headcount had surged over the past year, so it was necessary for them to more than double the size of their office. The need for a flexible lease allows for growing companies like Ollie to contend with the uncertainty of growth. It is often difficult to predict by how much a business will grow. 

SquareFoot was able to solve for Ollie’s office space needs and make what can be a complex process much easier. SquareFoot started out the process by assigning Ollie a dedicated, in-house broker who is an expert at finding office spaces like these. Having exploratory calls with Ollie allowed broker Joe Speck, to fully understand the pet food delivery service’s office space requirements. 

A full service office space

Thanks to SquareFoot’s latest commercial real estate solution, FLEX, which allows clients to choose any space on any lease term. Ollie was able to sign a 2 year lease on an office that was exactly what they needed. And even better, it was a full service space meaning all furniture, IT and cleaning services were included.  

Ollie were able to be up and running in their new office space within a week. Instead of wasting time on setting up an office the team could quickly get back to business. 

Read the full customer case study to find out how SquareFoot resolved Ollie’s commercial real estate needs.

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