Shelves can double as partitions in some retail spaces.
Shelves can double as partitions in some retail spaces.

Not every Houston retail space for rent has the benefit of thousands of square footage. Often, business owners need to make due with what they have, and the less square footage exists, the more pressure exists to maximize the space.

Startups may be inclined to shy away from larger spaces due to cost concerns, and rightfully so. The issue is, with such tight quarters to operate in, productivity could suffer. In smaller retail spaces for rent, customers might feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, while employees could struggle to perform their work responsibilities properly. Morale could also plunge among your workers, which impacts critical business metrics like staff retention rates.

For customers, though, first impressions are critical. A business should not cut corners with its Houston retail space because the possibility that its bottom line could suffer is quite high. There are countless ways to make your retail space more appealing to customers and more comfortable for your workers, and it can all be done at a relatively low cost.

Using shelving units for a dual purpose - as dividers - saves business owners the trouble of constructing partitions and makes the space feel more open. Businesses might also consider scrapping shelves altogether and finding other ways to display products, such as by hanging them on the walls.

Lighting is another common area of concern. A poorly lit space is unlikely to generate many sales, so business owners should explore different types and angles of lighting. According to Entrepreneur Magazine contributor and design expert Libby Langdon, different types of light add "flair and variety" to your store. In some cases, you may want to think of lighting as a spotlight, drawing attention to particular products that you think customers should notice.

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