Wondering How Big Your Next Office Should Be? Use Our New Space Calculator to Find Out

It's one of the earliest questions you need to answer in your search for office space:

How big does my office need to be?

It can be a tricky question with multiple layers. There's the number of current employees at your company, the number you expect to add in the future, conference rooms to consider, utility rooms to store equipment, a reception desk for admitting visitors, industry standards you could use to try and guestimate all of the above...


Using a Space Caclulator


Or. You could just use our new space calculator and arrive at an answer quickly and accurately.

We've rolled out a simpler, more visual interface to help you spec out the office that meets your needs - both now and in the future.

Get Office Space Recommendations Straight From the Calculator

Another new feature we've added is the ability to navigate to listings that match the calculator's recommendation.

This allows you to start exploring the market in a more strategic fashion and give your broker a clear, concise data point to work with in curating a short list of spaces.

Go on, give it a try.

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