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Dallas has all the pieces necessary to be a breeding ground for small businesses, assuming that local companies can find a way to hire locally.

RoundUp for Startups is a one-day social networking and recruiting event that will take place next Saturday, April 21. It aims to connect industry workers with local startups. Entrepreneur Chris Gay organized the event in the hopes that top talent, which there is an abundance of locally, will be recruited and choose to remain in the area.

"A pervasive problem exists in Dallas and the North Texas startup market," Gay said. "We frequently lose our best and brightest software engineers and tech talent to the West and East coasts. Dallas is a tech-savvy landscape that is home to a growing, vibrant startup community that is on par with these coastal markets. The tech talent and startup companies just have not been introduced. This event will do that."

Despite this problem working against it, Dallas has still been able to achieve success in the business world, as just this week it was recognized by The Business Journal as one of the best Southern cities for small businesses. Its favorability toward small businesses will only improve if local talent remains in the area and displaced, high-quality workers continue to come to the Lonestar State in search of work.

Dallas is also one of a select few inland cities, along with Atlanta and metropolitan areas in Central Pennsylvania, that has shown the most growth in the commercial real estate sector, according to National Real Estate Investor. Growth shown in these cities, and particularly in coastal markets, has contributed to a vacancy rate that has fallen to 13.6 percent in the last year.

Businesses that are interested in coming to move to Dallas to take advantage of a sizable local workforce first need to acquire office space for lease, which becomes much easier when working with a local real estate expert who has experience finding Dallas commercial space.

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