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The locations of Houston retail space storefronts truly do matter for Houston business owners.

At 2066 Crist Drive, in Los Altos, California, a nondescript ranch home still stands in a suburban neighborhood not unlike many others across the country. For technology enthusiasts, though, the home is their mecca - it is where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak toiled for countless hours, eventually pioneering the first Apple computer.

Since Jobs was operating out of his parents' home, he did not have to concern himself with lease or rent costs, which often curtail the growth of many emerging startups before they are able to catch a break. Jobs was fortunate in the sense that the space he operated out of did not need to be flashy or attract customers - many other business owners do not have that luxury.

For those in search of Houston retail space for lease, some consideration must be given to both the location of a space (will it attract consumers?) and whether its design is both functional and appealing to customers. This may mean that a space will need to undergo renovations or build-outs before opening.

While this is a critical investment, at the same time, some startups may not be able to afford to splurge on improvements to spaces unless the building owner supports the effort financially.

"The owner of the property may come in at half of the build-out costs, or they may pay for it in full and charge you a portion on the back-end of the lease," Startup Biztalk recommends.

Given the down nature of the economy, some building owners may be willing to help pay for build-outs if that is what it takes to reach a lease agreement. Still, this back-and-forth negotiation between a Houston retail space owner and a tenant can be difficult if a startup founder has never engaged in them before, which is why the knowledge provided by an online commercial real estate community can be of such value. Also keep in mind, if you are looking for a retail store and just need an office as a startup, a Houston executive suite may make sense.

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