A Quick Start Guide to Finding Office Space



If you thought finding an apartment in New York was hard...

Whether you're actively on the office space market or you're eager to get a head-start on your commercial leasing education, you may have noticed something:

Convenient, digestable information on the basics of office leasing can be hard to come by.

Sure, you can come across the odd blog post or two. But to complete a basic picture of what it takes to find and rent an office, you have to do a lot of Googling and a lot of reading.

And even then it's not always immediately clear -

  • Where to start looking for available space
  • Who to contact in the event you find a great space
  • What you'll really pay when renting an office
  • Why pictures of commercial space can be so hard to come by.

Among a host of other considerations.

Not to worry. We've set out to clarify and simplify the office leasing process with what we're calling a Quick Start Guide to Finding Office Space.


Download It Now


Here's a preview of what you'll find in the guide.


When to Start Looking for Space

Learn why it can take up to six months from the moment you start looking to moment you move in, and plan accordingly. 


The Art of  Touring Space

Find out what to ask - and what not to ask - when touring the commercial space that could be your future office.


How to Get Free Rent

Yes, free rent does exist. If you know how to ask for it.


Download our Quick Start Guide to Finding Office Space and rest assured that landing your next office doesn't have to be a nightmarish slog. It's a hugely rewarding step in the life of your business.

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