Houston Office Rentals: Four No Nos
Four No Nos of Houston Office Rentals

If you find yourself in charge of finding new Houston office rentals for your company, there are many things to consider. A lot is riding on your decision, with a whole workforce having to relocate; in the case of large relocations, employees may even be moving home and their families to follow you. The trouble to move is not something you want to go through in the near future, with work possibly being interrupted and the reaction your clients will have towards this. So below, we list four things to keep in mind when looking for new Houston office rentals.

Don’t Be Selfish

If you’re in charge of picking new premises, the chances are that you’re quite high up in your organization, and wield some power. Therefore, as you should know, it’s always important to be seen to consider your employees’ thoughts and feelings. While you may be tempted to pick an office with the most perks for yourself, such as the offices which management will be occupying, consider what it would be like to be working here at a mid or entry-level position.


Getting to work each morning should be as hassle-free as possible. While you can’t fit the office to accommodate every employee, picking a location which is substantially out of bounds can make things more difficult than they have to be. How easy is it for your workforce to reach the new premises, either by car or by public transportation? Are you near a school which can be a heavily congested area in the morning? Once you’ve arrived, is there a lot of competition for parking, if you’re planning to work in a shared-building?


While this can be something you want to put off thinking about for a few years, are you expecting significantly fast growth in terms of how many will be employed under you? If so, will you have enough space if things go to plan? You don’t want to have to turn back work because you haven’t got the space to cope with more demand for your services. While you don’t want to pay for premises that will go unused, you also want to have a contingency plan in place, so more employees can be fitted in or things can be rearranged to make space inside your new Houston office rental.

Too Flashy

If you’re a business which hosts potential clients for meetings, then aesthetic quality and the “look” of your premises will be important, in order to impress. You wouldn’t want them navigating through a dangerous neighborhood for instance, and you want to appear professional (or even aspirational). However, if there is slim to no chance that your clients or customers will be visiting you, this won’t be as much of a priority. You can always arrange meetings elsewhere if they come up. Don’t feel like you have to have ideas above your stations or impress anyone if you don’t have to or it’s not essential to getting new business. If you have a stable customer base that won’t change anytime soon, or your work speaks for yourself, save money on property that “tries too hard” or is unnecessarily outlandish.


Paul is writing on behalf of an East London Lettings Company, who specializes in commercial property for rent. His current company is currently looking for new offices; an experience which has contributed towards this piece.

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