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So it's that time of year. Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays as it brings together two of my favorite things: food and more food (and my family). The other nice thing is that it always brings me back home to Houston, Texas when the weather is perfect this time of year (75 as I write this). I flee the colder climes where I have lived for the last 7 or so years in the artic tundras of DC and NYC.

This year we are also thankful that the Texans have one of the the Thanksgiving games. #bullsonparade

Without getting too political, I am thankful that I live in the most free and prosporous country in history...and for the opportunities that that provides for us. As I said the other day in a snipet for some magazine "I am thankful that I get to put it all on the line. Everyday."

Charlie O'Donnell said it best in his weekly email:

"That’s when you should realize how lucky you are—because every stumble and difficulty you face is by choice. You signed up for all this, and how many people get to do what they want to do? You should be thankful for the gift of pride—pride in the effort you got to put in. There’s nothing worse than having a game end with you standing in the on-deck circle. You want to be up to bat no matter what the outcome. So here you are. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is. You got up and took your swings. Be thankful you got the opportunity."

We are eternally thankful for all of our users at TheSquareFoot. The landlords who took (and are still taking) the chance on a few dudes with a dream to make commercial real estate leasing easier. We are thankful for the prospective tenants for entrusting us to help them with what has traditionally been one of the more stress filled and blindfolded processes of running a business...finding a space for that business.

We are thankful to our friends and family who are constantly there for us and have encouraged us at every step of the way, who are always an open ear, and especially our mothers who at least for the time being are content with us not being doctors or lawyers.

We look forward to the next year where we anticipate plenty more to be thankful for. A big thanks again to all of you for giving us so many things to be thankful for.

Gobble gobble!

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