Office Sublease Downtown Houston
Office Sublease Downtown Houston

Office subleases in downtown Houston can be very difficult to find, but there are no shortage of them. Many companies lease large office spaces in Downtown Houston and end up with more space than they need.

These companies would love to find additional tenants to supplement revenue, but are wary to put up a public listings looking for sublease office space in downtown Houston to tenants. This is for two reasons –

1) Companies have to be very careful who they are letting into their office as security and privacy trumps any concerns on receiving additional revenue

2) Where are they supposed to post these online? Word of mouth works, but previous to TheSquareFoot, the only option was Craigslist, which is not an option.

Thankfully, now that TheSquareFoot is here, companies with excessive office space in Dowtown Houston have told us they would like to sublease their downtown Houston office space and be on the look-out for reputable tenants to send their way.

If you are looking for office subleases in downtown Houston, send us an email at and let us know a little more about your company and we can let you know about rates and availability to sublease office space in Downtown Houston.

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