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Will Jack Dorsey be a guest speaker again?

We are really excited to announce that TheSquareFoot has been awarded one of ten scholarships for student led companies to pitch at DEMO Spring 2012 next week in Silicon Valley.  While we have presented at a few events in Houston, Austin, and New York, none of them have the prestige, media coverage, and competition that DEMO brings.

It’s funny how time flies.  It doesn’t seem like it’s been 7 months since we launched our first prototype of TheSquareFoot and began helping businesses learn about the leasing process, connect with landlords and brokers, and ultimately find space and get moved in.  We’ve learned so much on the consumer side and the commercial real estate industry side and have been able to really hone in on what the next version of our application should be.

Next week, the public will gets its first look at the newest version of TheSquareFoot and how our search functionality will reshape the way the way small businesses and entrepreneurs search for and manage the process of looking for commercial space to lease.  We couldn’t be more excited to present our company, host demonstrations at our booth, and mingle with the other presenting companies.  We not only get to see what great new start-ups are set to disrupt in 2012, but we also get to meet the faces behind each venture and hear how their journeys have compared to ours.

Here at TheSquareFoot HQ, we’re excited to receive as much feedback as possible over the course of the event.  We want visitors to try to poke holes in our model.  We want to be asked the tough questions about the industry and about our strategies.  We understand how important it is to be told no or have our concepts questioned.  It enables us to consider things we couldn’t think of on our own, without outside opinion.  An event like DEMO isn’t just about delivering a perfect pitch and wowing the crowd.  No company is perfect.  There will always be questions.  The key is to take all the feedback and incorporate it in with all of the great work we’ve done to this point and continue iterating the platform and model.

Next week will mark a huge milestone for TheSquareFoot as a young company.  We’ve absorbed so much data, and it’s time to learn what we interpreted correctly and what we need to go back and revisit.  That process starts at DEMO Spring 2012. There are some really exciting things coming down the pipe over the next several months as we continue to reshape the way businesses search for their next space.  We can’t wait to start sharing everything next week.

Curtains up.

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