This week’s featured NYC office is the SoHo office space of Quartz and their sister company Atlantic Wire. Quartz just launched and we are already avid readers and big fans over here at TheSquareFoot.

Quartz is a new digital brand from the publishers of The Atlantic magazine dedicated to helping readers better navigate the complex new global economy. With reporters around the world, it provides analysis and essential news of the seismic shifts in business, paced for around-the-clock reading on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Quartz’s obsessions include the lingua francas of our modern age: commerce, design, and technology.

The SoHo office space has a very open floor plan and a lot of the walls are whiteboards which Editor in Chief Kevin Delaney says encourages collaboration.

In his words...The open, light space creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration — the office is definitely a draw to recruits and makes all of us happy about working here. My favorite parts are the walls we covered with whiteboard sheeting — I think about things visually, and am constantly drawing on the walls when brainstorming with colleagues. Our glass conference room table is also marker-friendly, and I write on that all the time as well.

Office space hack: they used shower board for the whiteboards and at less than $10 a sheet from the hardware store it’s an extremely cost effective option.

The desks they opted for are lightweight ones from Ikea which they picked so that they could reconfigure layouts easily. Since they moved into the New York office space in February, they have rearranged the desks three times already.

They reserved the prime real estate with the view not for the bigwigs, but rather for a communal area complete with couch and one of the most popular whiteboards in the office.

Kevin’s favorite part about the location...Our office is in the heart of an incredibly vibrant neighborhood, with great food and coffee just steps away, and easy subway access to almost anywhere in the city. But having two excellent independent bookstores within two blocks of us (Housing Works and McNally Jackson) is the highlight for me.

And now for one of the more unique features to be found in any office. With the help of Belking and ifttt (If this then that), there is a light bulb that toggles on and off when people interact with Quartz’s twitter account.

Think your office has what it takes to make NYC office space of the week? Let us

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    Proudly emblazoned front door
  • office space seating chart
    Current seating chart long will it last?
  • Conference room table
    Conference room complete with "marker-friendly" walls and table
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    Prime real estate
  • soho office space for rent
    Open, light space encourages collaboration

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