The Midtown area offers many of the same commercial opportunities as Downtown Houston.
The Midtown area offers many of the same commercial opportunities as Downtown Houston.

Just outside of Downtown Houston, still in close enough proximity that the city's skyline can be seen, rests Midtown Houston. The area has evolved into an anchor for the Houston metropolitan social and economic development, while still remaining true to its historical roots.

Street Advisor reviewers note that Midtown Houston is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Houston area, so, much like Upper Kirby, the area has been forced to adapt to rapid residential and commercial development, particularly in recent years. There have also been a number of revitalization projects that have helped transform the area into a model mixed-use location including the presence of both Houston executive office spaces and residential facilities.

"A revitalized Midtown will encourage reinvestment, new jobs and new opportunities for residency, shopping, recreation and culture in the community. The area is already well on it's way," notes the website for the Midtown Redevelopment Authority and Midtown Management District. "There are currently a number of restaurants, galleries, bars and businesses located in Midtown and room for even more."

The website also notes that with nearly half of the area primed for development - 365 acres out of a total 725 acres of land - additional construction in recent years will continue to thrive. In fact, the two organizations released their "2012 Economic Development Guide" earlier this year, in which they referred to Midtown's "big business, comfy neighborhood" attitude and devotion to mixed development.

This will allow Houstonians to continue to both live, work and play in the same neighborhoods. The area is surrounded by major highways (Interstate 45 and Route 59) and contains more than 325 city blocks, so it is easily accessible for both residents and those just passing through.

Midtown has achieved the residential and commercial balance perhaps better than any other neighborhood in our Spaces in Space City series. In coming years, it will continue to support Houston office space and residential locations for a diverse cross-section of city residents.

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