SquareFootage Episode 3: Hired's Local Approach to Global Vision

Featured Comany: Hired

Office Location: 425 Broadway, New York, NY

The Space: A full floor loft in a boutique SoHo building

Size: 3,200 sq ft

The Team: 22 strong (in New York), 231 globally.



As its name suggests, Hired isn't just a jobs board: it wants to make better matches between talent and employers and facilitate actual hires.

Perhaps more than data and technology, Hired uses relationships and a local understanding of each local job market to do so.

Which is why Hired has a dozen offices and counting around the world.

On the latest episode of SquareFootage, we visit their SoHo office and learn how they're tackling the ultra-competitive job market that is New York City.


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Portrait of Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter
Brandon is a senior content marketing manager at SquareFoot. He lives in Brooklyn and enjoys pretending to be a foodie.
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