Given its new store in the Woodlands Mall, Microsoft understands the value of temporary Houston retail space.
Given its new store in the Woodlands Mall, Microsoft understands the value of short-term Houston retail space.

The combination of Halloween and Christmas help make this time of the year fairly profitable for temporary retail space. In many cases, an ideal scenario would be for retailers to remain open only during the times when their sales are highest, and then close up shop when they aren't.

This previously unrealistic desire could explain the rise of pop-up retail spaces - temporary locations leased in the short-term that are only expected to generate short bursts of sales.

"Pop-ups are effective in generating buzz, reaching new audiences, testing a concept or building community in addition to driving retail sales," according to a January 2012 piece in Business Insider. "And there are many different types of pop-ups from the traditional 30-60 day activation to semi permanent spaces which last multiple years."

Microsoft expanding its footprint to include Houston retail space, as this week, Microsoft announced that it would be jumping on-board with this trend, as it plans to open 32 pop-up retail locations across the country before October 26. Microsoft currently operates about two dozen permanent retail locations. The company had announced back in September that the pop-up stores would open in the fall, in order to coincide with the launch of its new Windows 8 operating system.

Media outlets have speculated that the pop-up stores will allow the company to setup workstations equipped with Windows 8 so that consumers will be able to experiment with the new product, which varies significantly from prior iterations of the Windows operating system. The stores will also sell computers, software, phones, games and the company's new Surface tablets.

The Houston metropolitan area will only feature one of these new pop-up stores, at The Woodlands Mall. Houston is already home to one permanent Microsoft retail store, located in The Galleria.

Other business owners looking for Houston retail space for lease should consider short-term leasing options throughout the Houston area, particularly with the holiday shopping season right on the horizon.

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