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The always awesome Mark Suster posted on New Years his new year's resolution to spend more time on "the right side of the Haimish line" which is a term that was coined by David Brooks here.  I highly recommend reading both Suster and Brooks in their entirety as this notion of the hamish line it is a great way to have a more fulfilling year.  I agree whole heartedly in getting out in the mix.  It's why I try to strike up conversations with those around me where ever I am.  There is always something new and interesting to learn from others.

Anyway, one particular section jumped out at me in light of all the thinking we do about office space around here at TheSquareFoot about New York office space for lease and it's something that anyone planning the layout of their next office should without a doubt take into consideration...

Office Space

I always love visiting companies because you can tell so much about the character of the company by spending time in their offices. You get a feel for the company “vibe.” Do they all get along? Do they have a strong sense of culture? Do they seem to have fun?

Having a great work environment is tremendously important in attracting & retaining great employees and in getting teams to work well together. Teams that hang out together work more productively in difficult situations.

You find some offices where the CEO or senior team have cordoned themselves off. It’s an obvious temptation. As a founder you end up having to deal with a lot of sensitive information & discussions. You probably also value the concentration you can get from a bit more quiet and solitude. Cordon yourself off and you get dragged into a lot fewer problem-solving sessions for other people.

But doing so has many drawbacks. And I usually recommend against it.

One of my big disappointments at GRP has been our office space in Los Angeles. When you walk in it feels like a lawyer’s office.  Like we take ourselves a bit too seriously. I can’t really change it because we had a super long lease. But that expires soon and I hope to get back to the right side of the Haimish line. We’ll see."

One of the best examples of this that I have seen recently was actually the layout of Mayor Bloomberg's office space in city hall where he sits in the middle of a large room with his deputies right next to him.

What do you think about the Haimish line and office space for lease in New York?  Any particularly striking examples that you have seen?

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