In the spirit of the 2012 London olympics, we at TheSquareFoot wanted to come up with our own version of office space olympics.

While the idea of office olympics is surely not as old as the actual olympiad, it has been a tried and true team building exercise for quite some time within the four walls we call home during most of our waking hours. Office space olympics can also be opened up to the broader community with various companies competing against one another. This is often done to raise money for charity.

Anyway, we started looking around online for ideas, and they all seemed a bit boring, so here is TheSquareFoot’s First Annual Completely Unsanctioned and Not Recommended Office Olympics.

In increasing order of difficulty / degree of stupidity.

  • Binder Clip Archery: To the supply closet! Grab some rubber bands and some binder clips. Set up some targets-empty coke cans work well here-at an appropriate distance. Pull the rubber band back between your thumb and pointer finger holding the binder clip in the middle. Let go of the binder clip and let it fly. Bonus points if ricochets hit the girl in marketing who thought she was too cool to participate.

  • Rolling Chair Double Sculls Rowing: Take two rolling chairs and two coworkers. Place one of the latter in each of the former. The pair will connect by the person in the back holding onto the back of the first person's chair. The propulsion here will need to come from the feet so this obviously isn’t your traditional rowing event. Unless you have very very wide halls, this event is best done with a series of time trials with the pairs going one and at a time. Maybe if Facebook had this event in their office early on, the Winklevii wouldn't have sued.

  • Pillow-Clad Sumo*: No reason to keep this game relegated to elementary school sleepoovers. This game-much like Jenga-can be fun for kids of all ages. Grab a couple of pillows from the couches in your reception area. Put them under your shirt. I think you know what to do from there. Want to kick the degree of difficulty up a notch? Take the pillow coverings off the pillows first and wear them on your head. *-Sumo, while recognized by the IOC, is actually not an olympic sport.

  • Trashcan Jousting- This one holds a dear place in my heart as we used to play in the hallways of my fraternity house during college. It involved 2 of us, each with a 50-gallon trash can. The contestants would stand on opposite ends of a long hallway and run at each other pushing the trash can until they met roughly half way, at which point the trash cans would collide and the contestants would try to avoid running into each other, one of the trash cans, or a wall. For those keeping score at home, there are no winners in this event...only losers. NOTE: trashcan jousting is not to be confused with plastic tree fencing, another favorite of my college days.

Also speaking of college and olympic sports, at school we were required to take 4 health / P.E. classes to graduate. Perhaps this was to compensate for us not having a football did not. At all. Anyway, in addition to independent golf which helped prepare me for a career in real estate, I also took Handball. That was the first time that I learned that it was not only a real sport, but also an olympic sport.

For those people in the office that don't feel like getting involved in the physical activity the Wall Street Journal taught me yesterday that the world always needs people to mop up athlete sweat.

Olympic fun fact to part with: tug of war actually used to be an olympic sport. As did croquet. According to a newly fabricated urban legend the IOC met one day and said that only one Fourth-of-July-BBQ-Game could remain an olympic sport and after the host committee had their own tug of war, badminton won out.

Anyone have any other really bad office olympic ideas? Leave 'em in the comments.

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