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It's always interesting to compare commercial real estate leasing trends from market to market.  Different cities and regions produce unique leasing landscapes and a tenant leasing office space in Houston Texas may value certain amenities differently than a tenant leasing space somewhere on the East Coast.  According to a recent article in Globe Street, CBRE sent an anonymous survey to decision makers of more than 100 large tenants across the state of New Jersey ranking the most important "must-have" amenities in an office building.

According to the results of the survey, food service was the most important amenity prospective tenants want when considering office building locations.  Coming next was access to public transportation, followed by downtown access and then an on site fitness center.  What does it all mean?  It means that New Jersey business owners and operators are attracted to buildings that are easy for their employees to get to and also keep them close by during lunch.

It would seem likely that in a city like Houston, which is so vast and sprawling, more employees have their own vehicles and it's easier for them to not only get to the office, but venture out a little further during lunch time and be able to make it back in relatively quick fashion.  In New Jersey and Manhattan you have more people relying on public transportation and walking, so the easier it is for them to get to the building and stick around during lunch, the more attractive the building is to the prospective tenant.

This data varies from our post referencing another poll taken nationally which revealed that high speed data was the single most important amenity that prospective tenants considered when choosing office locations, surpassing an on site gym and food service.  It should be noted that the high speed data poll was conducted by Comcast........Regardless, you can see that tenants looking for office space in cities like Houston and Dallas place different values on certain building amenities than tenants looking for space in

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