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  • Best in NYC Lunch: Flatiron District

    Best in NYC Lunch: Flatiron District

    When 12 o'clock rolls around and you feel your stomach starting to growl, you know what it means. It's time for you to ditch your desk and escape your office to take on lunch-hour, but New York City can be dizzyingly full of options. That's why, from hidden gems to the most popular NYC eats, we're breaking down the best places for you to grab lunch neighborhood by neighborhood.  

  • Best in NYC Lunch: SoHo

    Best in NYC Lunch: SoHo

    With a dizzying number of options for lunch in New York City, it's easy to become overwhelmed. If you have an office in SoHo and don't have time to pour over Yelp reviews looking for the perfect lunch-hour escape, this is the perfect post for you! From hidden gems to the most popular eats, we're breaking down the best places for you to grab lunch in your neighborhood. 

  • The Best of Chinatown

    The Best of Chinatown

    From where to eat, to how to unwind, New York City is full of options and it can be hard to narrow down your choices. If you have an office space in Chinatown, we've done the hard work for you. Take a look at this list to make sure that you're in the know about all of the best things your area has to offer! 

  • A Guy is Going Around Rendering New York's Windows as Illustrations, and It's Pretty Awesome

    A Guy is Going Around Rendering New York's Windows as Illustrations, and It's Pretty Awesome

    For a city as architecturally rich as Manhattan, it's easy to take its dizzying array of styles for granted. When most of us aren't glued to our phones or spacing out to music, we're certainly not following one of New York's oldest addages when it comes to appreciating the city: Look Up. Well, that's just what graphic designer Jose Guizar is doing with his Windows of New York project.  

  • People are Working From Home More Often. Is That a Good Thing?

    People are Working From Home More Often. Is That a Good Thing?

    According to a recent study, people are logging more hours on the job than ever before. And quite often they're doing it from home. A new Bureau of Labor Statistics report found that on average 38 percent of business, finance and management professionals complete some or all of their work remotely. That's a far cry from just a few years ago when, in 2010, just 2 percent of employees did their work remotely. What's responsible for the change? It's no secret people appreciate more flexibility when it comes to their hours, but employers are actually starting to comply. Nearly 7 in 10 hiring managers use workplace flexibility programs to recruit and retain talent, while nearly a third of companies invested in expanding or introducing such flex programs last year. But more flexibility can be a double-edged sword for employees.  A recent Ernst & Young study found that the majority of people are extended beyond the traditional 40 hour work week. 67 percent are logging anywhere from 2 - 5 hours more per week, as work and home life converges.  

  • Ominous Sign? Why Commercial Banks Are Downsizing

    Ominous Sign? Why Commercial Banks Are Downsizing

    Commercial banks are shrinking - at least in terms of real estate space. Bank of America now has 23% fewer branches in the United States as compared to 2009. Many commercial banks within Manhattan are choosing to shed branches or downsize. Wells Fargo, for example, downsized by splitting its 4000 square-foot space with HSBC. This trend does not indicate tough times for the banks, but rather, reflects a fundamental change in consumer behavior. Online banking, mobile applications, ATMs, electronic checking, and the increasing prevalence of e-commerce are lessening the need for consumers to rely on brick-and-mortar bank branches. This change in behavior represents a win-win for both consumers and the banks. Consumers willingly choose to rely on brick-and-mortar alternatives due to the added convenience. The banks themselves save money through lower rent expense, and fewer salaries payable to tellers. At the same time, consumers’ comfort level with certain aspects of online banking has not yet caught up to the available technology. Though nearly every bank offers the ability to open an account online, 81% of Americans still prefer to open an account at a brick-and-mortar location. When applying for a loan, 83% prefer going to a brick-and-mortar location, while only 9% prefer using the internet. Still, foot traffic to banks has been considerably reduced. A select few activities are disproportionately accounting for this shift. For example, 64% of Americans feel comfortable using digital channels to pay bills, and 54% for transferring funds. My personal hunch? Activities typically viewed as causal are being performed online, while transactions with greater stakes (taking out a loan, opening an account) are being performed in person. Society therefore implicitly places more trust on in-person interactions than those that take place online. Based on this line of reasoning, I expect retail banks to continue downsizing real estate space as internet-savvy generations age and our society becomes increasingly trusting of technology.

  • The Best of Chelsea

    The Best of Chelsea

    Is your company located in Manhattan's Chelsea district? Are you thinking about relocating your office to Chelsea? If you answered 'yes' to either of those questions, you should read on. We've rounded up some of the best things the area has to offer, and we know you're going to want to check them out! 

  • Best in NYC Lunch: Tribeca

    Best in NYC Lunch: Tribeca

    Lunch in New York City can be overhelming. There are so many options to choose from, and sometimes it's hard to resist just going to the bodega on the corner for another sandwich. But we know you can do better than that! From hidden gems to the most popular NYC eats, we're breaking down the best places for you to grab lunch neighborhood by neighborhood.  

  • Sunset Park: Brooklyn's Next Business Mecca?

    Sunset Park: Brooklyn's Next Business Mecca?

    June 30, 2016 With each passing year, Brooklyn sprouts a new "it" neighborhood. It seems like ages ago when it was Williamsburg. Then it was Fort Greene. Prospect Heights. Bushwick. The list goes on. For the business community, DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Navy Yard (aka the Brooklyn Tech Triangle) have recently attracted intense interest, thanks to numerous redevelopment efforts and a high-volume of both incubators and startups. According to a new Cushman & Wakefield report, you can add Sunset Park to your list of neighborhoods to watch, naming it one of the 100 Coolest Neighborhoods. What sets Sunset Park apart? The report cites the opening of Bush Terminal Park and the resurgence of Industry City as major factors. It also notes that millennials make up about 27 percent of the neighborhood, with a mean household income just north of $81,000. A boom in commercial real estate appears to be underway, with both the Brooklyn Nets and Time, Inc., nestled in the aformentioned Industry City, moving operations to the neighborhood. For more, check out the full report.

  • What Do Employees Look for in a Startup? Tell Us What You Think

    What Do Employees Look for in a Startup? Tell Us What You Think

    As attitudes shift about work habits and conditions, the idea of "startup work culture" has grown in appeal. The overriding perception is that startups approach work environments differently than more established companies, and that this difference is one of their biggest selling points in competing with said companies for top talent. That's where you come in. We need your help in getting to the bottom of startups' appeal and what employees really want when it comes to workplace culture, perks, and office space.

  • New York City landlords on notice with introduction of new law

    New York City landlords on notice with introduction of new law

    June 28, 2016 Good news for commercial tenants in New York dealing with pesky landlords. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just signed a new law protecting commercial tenants from landlord harrassment that often goes unchecked - and affects smaller businesses the most. The kind of harrasment detailed includes neglected repairs and shutting off heat or air conditioning. According to the new law, landlordss could be punished to the tune of $10,000 if found to improperly harass commercial tenants. The new law would also give small businesses some leverage in lease renewal talks, including a provision for independent arbitration during lease negotiations and limits on landlords trying to pass their property taxes onto commercial tenants. For more on the new law, read the full story here.

  • Why Can't We Hire a Senior Marketer?

    Why Can't We Hire a Senior Marketer?

    Our search for a director of marketing has not gone well. Here’s the beginning of a listing we recently posted, starting with the following responsibilities: •Manage TheSquareFoot’s overall acquisition and lead generation strategies and budget, including developing, executing on, and monitoring all paid campaigns in earned channels. •Define campaign metrics, monitor and analyze campaign performance to improve results and achieve conversion and engagement goals •Develop strategic direction for the brand in the digital space, as well as understand how the digital strategy connects to our offline activations and presence. Marketing in the modern world has evolved to encompass many disciplines other than aesthetics and storytelling. Marketing represents any interaction a user has with your company. Could be an ad they see on the subway, an email they receive from one of your salespeople or a cursory mention on the lips of a friend. How you systematically guide (not necessarily control) these interactions defines modern marketing

  • Working from Starbucks? 7 Hacks That Will Make it More Like an Office Environment

    Working from Starbucks? 7 Hacks That Will Make it More Like an Office Environment

      If you get distracted easily working from home and you're biding your time till you can upgrade to an office space or co-working arrangement, you may find yourself working from a neighborhood Starbucks often. The wi-fi's reliable, they're generally well-lit, and the music's not bad. But working from a Starbucks in itself can be pretty distracting - and expensive. Depending on the location and time of day, they can be noisy and chaotic, and they're not exactly known to be healthy for the budget. Here are seven hacks for spending less, getting more, and making Starbucks more like your personal office.

  • Will Finance Offices Begin to Look More Like Startups?

    Will Finance Offices Begin to Look More Like Startups?

    At TheSquareFoot, we often serve clients in the tech and finance industries. Each type of client has historically been attracted to a very different style of office space. Tech companies implement an open office filled with ping-pong tables, wall decals, standing tables, and massage chairs. In fact, ping-pong tables are so ingrained in startup culture that some see declining ping pong table sales in Silicon Valley as a indication the tech bubble may soon pop. Finance companies opt for a more utilitarian approach - an open office with rows of desktop computers and a television on the wall continuously set to MSNBC.

  • 5 Tips for Throwing a Brilliant Office Summer Party on a Budget

    5 Tips for Throwing a Brilliant Office Summer Party on a Budget

      Now that summer's officially here, the annual office summer party can't be too far behind. Whether you work at a small company or an enterprise giant, you know that treating everyone to a night of free drinks and food at a swanky hotel downtown can be pretty expense. Five-digit expensive. If it brings colleagues closer together, makes people appreciate the company, and introduces a jolt of happiness into work life, going big on a summer party can well be worth it. Unfortunatley, it's not always possible to budget the thousands of dollars it takes throw a full-blown extravaganza. Not to worry. With a few inexpensive moves you can throw a feel-good party for the ages.

  • No Summer Fridays? No Problem

    No Summer Fridays? No Problem

      The numbers say that if you're reading this post, you probably don't get Summer Fridays, that most revered perk that only about 30% of companies offer employees. 30% is a healthy number by all accounts, but it does mean a majority of working professionals don't get the luxury of clocking out early and beating traffic out of town or waking up late and forgetting about work for a day. And it is a luxury. While plenty of evidence points to a lighter work load actually boosting productivity, some businesses simply find the idea of forfeiting an entire day or half day of work (er, opporunity) untenable. After all, if your clients don't take Fridays off, should you? So if you find yourself and your team schlepping to the office every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, here are five ways to bring Summer Friday chill with you.

  • An Open-Plan Might Not Be the Best Plan

    An Open-Plan Might Not Be the Best Plan

    We’ve all seen pictures of or, if you're lucky enough, maybe even have been in a cool office. We’re talking about a really cool office. At Google’s headquarters, also known as the Googleplex, employees have access to amenities such as professional masseurs, a slide, and not one but two swim-in-place pools. Over at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters you’ll find gorgeous artwork (much of which is spontaneously created by employees), incredible (and free) dining options, and a 9 acre park that features over 400 trees on the roof.

  • When Should You Start Looking for Office Space?

    When Should You Start Looking for Office Space?

    You’re a small but growing company wishing it had a space to call home: for client meetings, internal meetings, quicker access to collaboration and recruiting exceptional talent. Maybe you’ve done a few rotations on co-working desks or managed well enough with some team members working from home. But you’re entering a phase of maturity that requires a tighter operation, one greatly aided by convening your team in a functional headquarters.  When should you start shopping around for an office? Believe it or not, the question of how soon you should start looking for one has something of an objective answer. Starting with when you should not start looking.

  • 6 Secrets to Landing Manhattan Office Space

    6 Secrets to Landing Manhattan Office Space

    If you're shopping around for Manhattan office space, you may have noticed something; it's even more bewildering than finding an apartment. How are you supposed to know which size office is the right size for your company? Who are you supposed to contact to inquire about available office space? The landlord? Would a broker be more efficient? And why are there no pictures of office space interiors for you to browse before deciding which places to visit? Here we'll reveal a few secrets to navigating the tricky world of commercial real estate in Manhattan.

  • Four Ways Your Freezing Office is Sabotaging Your Success

    Four Ways Your Freezing Office is Sabotaging Your Success

    Now that the summer months are upon us, many companies are reaching to turn down the thermostat and ramp up the A.C. As you reach for your coat or cardigan to cover up your goosebumps, you secretly start wondering if White Walkers have taken over your office. Sometimes companies use a heavy-hand when it comes to room temperature adjustment, and often times they overcompensate. In fact, Co.Design reports that 60% of workers said they were either too hot or too cold in a study of government office buildings. Beyond causing you slight discomfort throughout the day, a Business Insider article suggests that your freezing office can actually undermine your work performance and sabotage your professional success.

  • Best in NYC Coffee: Episode 2 - Flatiron

    Best in NYC Coffee: Episode 2 - Flatiron

    Flatiron isn't exactly known as a haven of hip or a foodie's dream, but it is at the heart of New York's growing tech scene, which means hundreds of thousands of caffeine-craving zombies stalking its streets every day. In the coffee department, it doesn't really have a choice other than to step up. And step up it has. In addition to housing a number of familiar chains, Flatiron coffee shops feature some of the most unique uses of commercial space in the city. So if you're burnt out on Starbucks or simply looking for a new nook to escape to, check out four of the best Flatiron coffee shops in the neighborhood.

  • Best in NYC Coffee: Episode 3 - Chelsea

    Best in NYC Coffee: Episode 3 - Chelsea

    For New York coffee fans, the Chelsea Blue Bottle, Birch and Think outposts are probably well-worn destinations. But there's more to Chelsea's coffee scene than the reliably great aformentioned chains, and this series is about great coffee shops -- not just great coffee.  Here's a look at 5 of the best Chelsea coffee shops in the game that might have slipped your radar.

  • Best in Coffee: Episode 1 - The Financial District

    Best in Coffee: Episode 1 - The Financial District

    If you're like us, most mornings you need coffee, and you need it now. Chances are you have a go-to coffee spot already, one that knows your order even before you do and delivers with accuracy and care most of the time. Even so, a little change can good for the soul, especially with so many great choices in New York's Financial District  (or FiDi for short). Here a 8 spots to try on your next coffee break.

  • What is a Good Guy Guarantee and are they Good or Bad for Tenants?

    What is a Good Guy Guarantee and are they Good or Bad for Tenants?

    In New York Commercial Real Estate, office landlords commonly ask tenants to sign what is called a “Good Guy Guarantee” as part of the lease. This is essentially a one-page document stating that if the tenant stops paying rent while still occupying an office space and refuses to leave, the landlord has the right to take legal action personally against the lease holder in a court of law.  At first you might read this and think “wait, do I want to sign anything stating that a landlord can take me to court?” But as you will read below, the document is really just stating “If I know that I wont be able to pay my rent in the future, I will let the landlord know ASAP.” And in doing so, you will have acted in good faith, or as a “Good Guy." But landlords can't always count on tenants acting in good faith, so when they feel it necessary, they will adopt additional means of protection. Below is one example each of how a "Good Guy" scenario and a "Bad Guy" scenario can play out. 

  • Which Office from TV is Most Like Your Real-Life Office?

    Which Office from TV is Most Like Your Real-Life Office?

    Offices are our thing at TheSquareFoot, and trust us when we say that they come in all shapes and sizes with team members of all different personality types. Since Tuesdays are tough, we've come up with a list of some of our favorite TV offices of all time. See how you and your team compare.

  • Office Supplies for the Trendsetter

    Office Supplies for the Trendsetter

    Let’s face it, we’re in our offices for around 90,000 hours during our lives. That’s a lot of time to spend at a desk, even more so if you hate it. Luckily for you there are some pretty rad desk supplies that can keep you organized and “aesthetically pleased” all at the same time. We’re starting a new series that features office supplies for different types of personalities, and first up is for the trendsetters amongst us. How to know if you fit the type: You’re the one to push the limits on casual Friday by wearing joggers, you’ve turned your tech team away from tshirts and jeans and towards  Bonobos, and your Spotify playlist ”is lit."   

  • Here are the Food Obsessions Fueling New York's Workforce

    Here are the Food Obsessions Fueling New York's Workforce

    If you've ever found yourself constantly clicking the "re-order" button, or going next door to the bodega for another sandwich, it's time to shake up your routine. Wake up your tastebuds by trying one of these weird dishes that call NYC home.

  • [Infographic] How Much Does Company Culture Really Matter?

    [Infographic] How Much Does Company Culture Really Matter?

    Company culture. Perks. To the jaded professional, these can seem like cheap bouqets designed to placate and distract employees from other, more serious company deficiencies, like secretly Draconian management or quietly failing business. In reality, there's seldom anything inconsequential - or cheap, for that matter - about the perks a company offers. Our latest foray into changing work attitudes finds that, when it comes to employee happiness, you can never invest too much. Here are a few highlights:  

  • Considering an Office Sublet? 3 Things You Should Know

    Considering an Office Sublet? 3 Things You Should Know

    You might have heard, either through the proverbial grapevine or friends in a similar position, that a sublet is the way to go for office space, especially if you're a young company. Makes sense. Subleases tend to be shorter-term agreements, like a year or two, and they often come cheaper than a standard lease between you and a landlord. Savings can range between 15% to 40% under typical vacant office market rates. Why on earth wouldn't you jump all over a sublease? Here are a few scenarios to be wary of.

  • At Bark & Co., Dogs are Part of Everyday Work Life, Too

    At Bark & Co., Dogs are Part of Everyday Work Life, Too

    Dog-friendly offices may be on the rise, but rare is the workspace that houses enough pets to fill out a new sales division. Then again, nothing about Bark & Co. is typical.  The subscription dog accessory startup just came up with a fresh round of funding, has grown rapidly to a size of 150 employees in New York, and now takes up 5,000 sq. ft. over two floors in a building in Chinatown.

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