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  • 5 Signs It's Time to Move Your Business to Brooklyn

    5 Signs It's Time to Move Your Business to Brooklyn

    While most of the lore in NYC’s tech scene is concentrated in “Silicon Alley,” nearby Brooklyn is arguably just as startup-friendly and has some bona fides all its own. Brooklyn is home to powerhouses like HUGE, Livestream, Etsy and of course, a member of the “unicorn” club, VICE, to anchor a dynamic startup scene. But beyond the heavy-hitters, Brooklyn’s emerged as a vital incubator of tech talent as well, particularly the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. With hundreds of VC-backed startups that have raised funds in the vicinity of $1B, is Brooklyn the next logical home for your startup? It may be if the following applies to you:

  • 10 Things You Should Find Out About Every Office Space You Tour

    10 Things You Should Find Out About Every Office Space You Tour

    When touring space that could potentially serve as your future office, you can never ask too many questions. Between the listing agent, your broker, and the landlord's broker (if present) you will have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips about the space's history, amenities and condition. Don't be shy about using that knowledge base to get the nitty-gritty on the spaces you visit! Some details you and your broker will cover automatically include whether or not a build-out is required, who pays for the build-out, and the space exclusive to your use (aka "usable space") vs. the total space you're renting, including all common areas (aka "rentable space"). But for each space, there's a whole laundry list of details you'll want to track in helping you make an informed decision. Here are 10 that can be easy to overlook.

  • When should you make an offer on an office for rent?

    When should you make an offer on an office for rent?

    OK. In your hunt for office space, you've toured several commercial spaces and two or three stand out as viable options. They're within budget, the move-in date roughly correspond to your timeline, and the lobby isn't terrible. Are they exactly what you had in mind when you initial began your search? Maybe not, but they have their strengths and are adequate enough to consider as the future home for your business. Adequate enough to make an offer to lease it? Yes. Here's why.

  • Can Real Estate Help Solve Silicon Valley's Diversity Problem?

    Can Real Estate Help Solve Silicon Valley's Diversity Problem?

      We've all seen the stats and read the stories; when it comes to supporting diverse talent, Silicon Valley has a less than stellar track record. So what is it doing to address the issue? While much of the diversity debate in Silicon Alley is focused on hiring and retention at large companies, one marketing tech company is partnering with Girls in Tech to approach it from a different angle.

  • A first look at our new show 'SquareFootage'

    A first look at our new show 'SquareFootage'

    Now why, you might be wondering, would I want to watch a show about offices? Offices are about as exciting as a trip to the mailbox, and if you work in one, even the charms of well-designed office space might very well be lost on you. If that's your stance, you'll be pleased to know our new show Square Footage isn't really about office space. Yes, there will be shots of snack bars and nap rooms. But it's not just for show. Something transformational is happening in the halls of the world's most innovative companies.

  • What is a Commercial Tenant Broker?

    What is a Commercial Tenant Broker?

    It's true, finding office space and then haggling for the best possible lease might be a bite-sized hell, but let’s be honest, it’s a good problem to have. If you’re looking for more space, it means your company is starting to scale, you’re bracing for a new era of growth, one that can greatly benefit from an office. Commercial real estate has a reputation for being tricky to navigate, a minefield of hidden costs and duplicitous landlords. While that might be hyperbole, enough potential pitfalls exist that even a wary, accomplished entrepreneur is bound to run afoul of a less than optimal deal simply because they don't know better. That's what makes enlisting the services of a commercial tenant broker worthwhile. Without one, you’re operating at a disadvantage. Here’s why.

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