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Imagined Cities: The Nighttime Magic of Nancy Liang

Illustrator goes nostalgic for "Old Spaces"

2:59PM | April 28, 2016 | by Brandon Carter

Welcome to Nancy Liang’s dreamworld.

The Syndey-based illustrator is coming off recent acclaim for her work on an interactive story about an 83 year-old Hiroshima survivor called Junko’s Story.

With her Old Spaces project, Liang has rendered a fictional world capturing the nightime magic of cities that never sleep – even as their residents do. Her animated illustrations include Atlantic City-like boardwalks, quiet suburbs and even remote parts in subtle, animated illustrations. Naturally, we were drawn to the more urban handiwork.

Liang’s work isn’t pure ficiton, though. She uses old landmarks and references to inform her illustrations, like old neon Coca-Cola signs in King’s Cross from the 1960s.

“The scenes I depict are a collection of forgotten tales from urban landscapes and suburbia. I like to draw out the whimsy and unthought narratives in these spaces that are otherwise considered as the mundane everyday,” she tells It’s Nice That.


You can see more of Liang’s work here.

Brandon Carter Brandon Carter is the Senior Content Manager at SquareFoot. You can follow him at @brandedcarter on Twitter.

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