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Workspace Serendipity: The ‘Greatist’ Office in SoHo

May 9, 2017 | by Brandon Carter


The Tenant:


The Space:

30 Vandam Street, New York, NY 10013


Greatist‘s Head of People Operations Amanda Delaney takes us inside their space and how they use it.


What is the “work” the office actually enables (e.g. is it mostly people sitting in front of a screen all day? Brokers running in and out of the office? Engineers having stand-up meetings?) How does the office enable people to actually do this work and do it well?


Greatist offers no set hours and no vacation policy because we trust that employees do their best work when and where they do it best! With that being said, HQ is really fun so most people are at the office every day during “normal” working hours.

Figure out what your non-negotiables are. For us we needed that full kitchen….We learned early on in our search that finding [one] isn’t easy.

Each employee has a sit-to-stand desk and we have spaces around the office where employees can escape and work–the Bistro is our cafe lounge area where people eat lunch and work on the couch and we have the Cave of Wonders (COW), which is a zen, quiet space in the middle of the office.



What are some of the office’s best features? Which spots are most popular with employees?


The full chef’s kitchen is definitely a favorite. A close second is our Cave of Wonders (COW) room in the middle of the space. We’ve turned this into a magical, zen, quiet area where multiple people can step away from their desk and work, nap, stretch, or meditate. We recently began hosting a daily meditation in this room as well!

photo; Greatist's kitchen seating photo; Greatist's kitchen counter photo; Greatist's kitchen pantry


How would you characterize the work style of the company? How does the space contribute to or reflect that spirit?


Everyone works so hard here, but since we have flexible working hours employees can work from wherever! Sometimes people will jet to a local coffee shop, work from the couch, or WFH. Greatist is really transparent and trusts every employee and I think that is reflected in how people do their work. There are no politics here, which makes it easy to work hard together and have fun!


What is the surrounding neighborhood like? What are its best features?


Our office is located in Hudson Square just west of Soho. It’s an amazing neighborhood because you have hip Soho around the corner, the Hudson River a few blocks away, the hustle and bustle of startup life, great restaurants, dozens of fitness options, and most train lines nearby!


What advice would you give a company trying to find office space for the first time?


Figure out what your non-negotiables are. For us, we needed that full kitchen because cooking breakfast and lunch in the office with coworkers is a huge part of our culture and it’s come in handy for all of our food photoshoots. We learned early on in our search that finding a full kitchen isn’t easy.

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