1055 Wilshire Boulevard

Financial District

Los Angeles, CA 90017

  • 0 - 10,028 sqft~ 0 - 66 seats
  • inquire for pricing

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  • Availability

    Ground Floor - Suite 3~ 0sqft~ 0Inquire for pricing
    14th Floor - 1450A Suite376sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
    16th Floor - 1620-A Suite800sqft~ 5Inquire for pricing
    1620-A Suite800sqft~ 5$33 psf
    16th Floor - Suite 1620858sqft~ 5Inquire for pricing
    Suite 1620858sqft~ 5$33 psf
    6th Floor961sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
    Office961sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
    Ground Floor - Suite 6961sqft~ 6$33 psf
    19th Floor - Suite 19301,334sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
    9th Floor - Suite 9201,415sqft~ 9Inquire for pricing
    Office1,415sqft~ 9Inquire for pricing
    Office1,584sqft~ 10Inquire for pricing
    Suite 16151,584sqft~ 10$33 psf
    Office1,658sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
    Office space1,658sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
    Suite 19201,782sqft~ 11$33 psf
    Office1,782sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
    Office1,898sqft~ 12Inquire for pricing
    Suite 17021,898sqft~ 12$33 psf
    Ground Floor - Suite 32,045sqft~ 13$33 psf
    3rd Floor2,045sqft~ 13Inquire for pricing
    15th Floor - Suite 15012,064sqft~ 13Inquire for pricing
    Office2,096sqft~ 13Inquire for pricing
    Suite 8302,096sqft~ 13$33 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 15502,238sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
    9th Floor - Suite 9302,534sqft~ 16Inquire for pricing
    Office2,534sqft~ 16Inquire for pricing
    Suite 19402,535sqft~ 16$33 psf
    Office space3,068sqft~ 20Inquire for pricing
    Office3,068sqft~ 20Inquire for pricing
    9th Floor - Suite 9403,068sqft~ 20Inquire for pricing
    17th Floor - Suite 17053,278sqft~ 21Inquire for pricing
    Suite 16603,546sqft~ 23$33 psf
    Office3,686sqft~ 24Inquire for pricing
    Suite 14603,686sqft~ 24$33 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17604,031sqft~ 26Inquire for pricing
    Office space5,041sqft~ 33Inquire for pricing
    10th Floor - Suite 10205,041sqft~ 33Inquire for pricing
    Office5,041sqft~ 33Inquire for pricing
    Suite 10605,095sqft~ 33$33 psf
    Office6,005sqft~ 40Inquire for pricing
    10th Floor - Suite 10606,005sqft~ 40Inquire for pricing
    Suite 10206,005sqft~ 40$33 psf
    Suite 15606,007sqft~ 40$33 psf
    Office space7,325sqft~ 48Inquire for pricing
    Suite 18007,605sqft~ 50$33 psf
    Suite 175010,028sqft~ 66$33 psf


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