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13021 Bradley Avenue, 1st Floor


~$23,961 monthly

(~$18 psf)


15,974 sf

~106 employees

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Walk Score: 55


13021 Bradley Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 91342



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Sylmar—Los Angeles, CA, Office Space for Rent

Sylmar, a town of about 80,000 people known as the “top of Los Angeles”, derives its name from trees and the sea. This name aptly describes its natural environment featuring lovely olive trees. The town is a gateway between Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

Sylmar’s economy supports big-box stores, restaurants, and other retail stores. Its property values and cost of living are lower than the Los Angeles average. Its suburban aesthetic might lead some to overlook it for flashier Los Angeles neighborhoods. However, its location within 20 miles of Hollywood is unquestionably a positive for any business looking to be within commuting distance of Tinseltown. Sylmar is also notable for its Veterans Memorial Community Regional Park.

Keep reading to learn more about Sylmar office space for rent.

Sylmar, CA, Office Space—Lease Data & Trends

Data is not available for Sylmar specifically, but Los Angeles North shows signs of demand for office space and the beginning of regional economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The overall number of leases and rental rates has increased in late 2021, yet vacancies remain high.

Sylmar does not show the same tendency toward affluence and involvement with the entertainment industry that characterizes many Los Angeles North communities. This detachment insulates it from entertainment industry troubles. However, it also makes Sylmar businesses generally less connected to Hollywood’s renaissance as the region emerges from the pandemic.

What Our Brokers Say about Sylmar Office Space

Sylmar is an often-overlooked community that combines several advantages perfect for the right business. It is considerably close to Glendale, Hollywood, and other prominent communities. It is a quiet town nestled in scenic surroundings and displaying historic, natural charm.

Sylmar is a perfect location for any business wanting to offer its clients or customers a getaway from the big city. It is also a great area for a business needing proximity to Hollywood or Los Angeles but desiring the benefit of a stable workforce, low property values, and lack of traffic congestion.

Top Commercial Buildings in Sylmar

12843 Foothill Boulevard: This is a spacious warehouse property with visibility on one of Symar’s largest thoroughfares. It is close to local businesses, Gravity Hill, Kagel Canyon Park, and other regional parks. This property shows convenient access to Los Angeles, local businesses, and natural attractions.

12806 Bradley Avenue: A newly renovated industrial property, this space features fencing and high ceilings in the heart of Sylmar. It is close to Interstate 5 and a little over a mile from the Sylmar / San Fernando Metrolink. Be close to local businesses and schools without giving up a connection to the limitless potential of Greater Los Angeles.

15853 Monte Street: An attractive property in the North Valley Commerce Center, this space offers both warehouse space and a loading dock. Start a new business or open a new Sylmar branch in this professionally maintained business park. This property is close to the I-5 / I-210 interchange.

Get to Know LA’s Sylmar

Visitors to Sylmar can access the various attractions of Greater Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and the San Fernando Valley with access to the I-5 and I-210 freeways.

Sylmar is not a cultural center with the prominence of the cities surrounding it. However, it offers a respite from the glitz, glamor, and tourist traps in attractive surroundings. For local attractions, check out the Nethercutt Museum, the Wildlife Learning Center, or any of several parks surrounding Sylmar.

Why Rent Office Space in Sylmar?

Sylmar is well-suited to businesses that differ somewhat from the ones that might naturally gravitate toward Hollywood or Beverly Hills. Sylmar does not have the level of economic activity to support high-end retail stores or trendy nightclubs. The ideal business for Sylmar serves the needs of a smaller town and can draw upon its natural resources. If the backdrop of olive orchards and California hillsides are consistent with your brand identity, Sylmar provides a natural advantage.

Find Retail and Industrial Space Minutes from Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

Businesses that want access to cultural centers in Hollywood and Los Angeles at prices more in line with the rest of California could not ask for a better location. The Sylmar / San Fernando Metrolink station connects Sylmar with Los Angeles Station. Sylmar could provide a unique opportunity for you to reduce overhead and position yourself as a cost-effective, off-the-beaten-path alternative to the Hollywood scene.

Nearby Neighborhoods to Set Up Office Space

Granada Hills: This suburban community has rich natural resources and natural beauty, from the scenic cedars of White Oaks Avenue to rich orchards. Granada Hills is a thriving, business-friendly community that creates an idyllic environment for nationally known companies. Will your company be one of them?

San Fernando: This city has a history dating back to California’s Spanish colonization. The largest employers are the public school district, Los Angeles County, and big businesses such as Home Depot.  San Fernando features museums such as La Galeria Gitana and Lopez Adobe, as well as many local parks.

Santa Clarita: The third-largest city in the Los Angeles area, Santa Clarita has been growing steadily since the 1950s. Its most prominent tourist attraction and largest employer is Six Flags Magic Mountain. The city is known for western film stars, parks, wineries, and the horror-comedy, Santa Clarita Diet.

Pacoima: As a predominantly Latino town, Pacoima is home to many immigrant communities. The cost of living in Pacoima is lower than in many surrounding areas. Play pool or grab a drink at the Playa Azul. Alternately, you may find respite while visiting one of Pacoima’s many churches.

Panorama City: Panorama City is a relative newcomer to the Los Angeles North area. It began as a 1948 planned development featuring shopping, parks, and recreation centers.

Are you seeking hidden gems in northern Los Angeles? Reach out to our team at SquareFoot to begin your search for office space in Sylmar, CA, or in surrounding areas.