16000 Ventura Boulevard


Los Angeles, CA 91436

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1600 Ventura Boulevard is an attractive building with a reflective glass exterior that you can’t overlook. With a focus on professional and modern decor, this business center is a spectacle to work in. Its prominent location – close to the US 101 and I-405 freeways, the Sherman Oaks Galleria, financial and broadcasting services, law firms, and media agencies – makes it a networking dream.

With an impressive view of the mountains and the San Fernando Valley, the building offers a web-based facility management system and on-site management for tenants. The telecommunication system is paramount with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection that can handle large volumes of data. Businesses enjoy several well-equipped meeting spaces and air-conditioned conference rooms with high-quality executive furnishings.

Near 1600 Ventura Boulevard are many amenities, including banks, car detail services, restaurants, cafes, and storage spaces for rent. The center boasts covered and secure parking on the ground floor and is accessible by several main roads and bus routes.

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  • Availability

    Suite 11011,002sqft~ 6~$31 psf
    11th Floor - Suite 11011,016sqft~ 6~$31 psf
    Suite 8401,059sqft~ 7~$31 psf
    Suite 8401,062sqft~ 7~$31 psf
    Suite 8401,074sqft~ 7~$31 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 8401,074sqft~ 7~$31 psf
    Suite 5281,145sqft~ 7~$31 psf
    Suite 6011,176sqft~ 7~$31 psf
    Suite 4801,259sqft~ 8~$31 psf
    Suite 12041,259sqft~ 8~$31 psf
    Suite 12041,264sqft~ 8~$31 psf
    Suite 4011,298sqft~ 8~$31 psf
    7th Floor - Suite 7801,453sqft~ 9~$31 psf
    Suite 3201,471sqft~ 9~$31 psf
    Suite 7201,592sqft~ 10~$31 psf
    Suite 5351,594sqft~ 10~$31 psf
    Suite 4701,616sqft~ 10~$31 psf
    Suite 4701,621sqft~ 10~$31 psf
    Suite 9151,642sqft~ 10~$31 psf
    Suite 6041,682sqft~ 11~$31 psf
    Suite 7051,704sqft~ 11~$31 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 6101,832sqft~ 12~$31 psf
    Suite 12011,839sqft~ 12~$31 psf
    Suite 6201,849sqft~ 12~$31 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 6201,849sqft~ 12~$31 psf
    Suite 9052,040sqft~ 13~$31 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 9102,042sqft~ 13~$31 psf
    Suite 22502,299sqft~ 15~$31 psf
    Suite 8802,341sqft~ 15~$31 psf
    Suite 8802,348sqft~ 15~$31 psf
    Suite 5052,560sqft~ 17~$31 psf
    Suite 9152,607sqft~ 17~$31 psf
    Suite 4062,635sqft~ 17~$31 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5902,652sqft~ 17~$31 psf
    Suite 6022,751sqft~ 18~$31 psf
    Suite 3002,846sqft~ 18~$31 psf
    Suite 3002,856sqft~ 19~$31 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 3002,856sqft~ 19~$31 psf
    Suite 14072,948sqft~ 19~$31 psf
    Suite 8803,274sqft~ 21~$31 psf
    Suite 22103,436sqft~ 22~$31 psf
    Suite 14053,584sqft~ 23~$31 psf
    Suite 1023,624sqft~ 24~$31 psf
    Suite 1023,625sqft~ 24~$31 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4004,086sqft~ 27~$31 psf
    Suite 7774,415sqft~ 29~$31 psf
    Suite 8304,468sqft~ 29~$31 psf
    2nd Floor - Suite 2004,749sqft~ 31~$31 psf
    2nd Floor - Suite 2124,760sqft~ 31~$31 psf
    Suite 3054,957sqft~ 33~$31 psf
    Suite 1305,278sqft~ 35~$31 psf
    Suite 1505,421sqft~ 36~$31 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5005,879sqft~ 39~$31 psf
    Suite 10106,792sqft~ 45~$31 psf
    Suite 8007,724sqft~ 51~$31 psf
    Suite 8007,750sqft~ 51~$31 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5008,531sqft~ 56~$31 psf
    Suite 140010,621sqft~ 70~$31 psf
    Suite 100011,911sqft~ 79~$31 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 60013,146sqft~ 87~$31 psf
    Suite 175015,250sqft~ 101~$31 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 60016,845sqft~ 112~$31 psf
    Suite 80019,712sqft~ 131~$31 psf




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