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311 Culver Boulevard


$4341 - $21901 monthly

($61 - $66 psf)


854 - 3,982 sf


5 - 26 employees

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Playa Del Rey

Playa Del Rey – Los Angeles, CA, Office Space for Rent

If you are looking for office space, Playa Del Rey is a great choice on the coast of the Westside region of Los Angeles. Playa Del Rey is a true beach community; its name literally means “Beach of the King.” It was originally a wetland, with shallow, saltwater ponds and rolling hills (fondly known as “The Bluffs”) that formed as ancient sand dunes compacted up to 125 feet above sea level.

Playa Del Rey is at the heart of Silicon Beach, which means the economy is largely driven by white-collar and technology sectors. The community’s proximity to Los Angeles International Airport makes it incredibly popular as a residential neighborhood, particularly for aerospace and airline employees. The primary business districts are Culver Boulevard, Pershing Drive, and Manchester Avenue, but authorities have zoned most property in Playa Del Rey for residential use.

The majority of the residents live in the eastern portion of the neighborhood, enjoying coastal life in condominiums or apartment complexes. A handful of ocean view estates have driven up the average housing prices for the district, but there are still reasonable deals on retail, dining, and office space in Playa Del Rey.

Playa Del Rey Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

LA West maintains the largest market for office space in the city based on inventory and is responsible for most leasing activity in the third quarter of 2021. Though the vacancy rate increased to 18.8%, leasing activity remained strong at over a million square feet in new transactions. Total leasing activity for the LA West region totaled more than a third of the year-to-date activity.

The video game developer, Activision Blizzard, was one of the biggest contributors, signing the two largest office leases available near Playa Del Rey (both over 87,000 square feet). Technology and entertainment companies are dominant leaseholders in this region, with the area in and around Playa Del Rey dubbed “Silicon Beach,” owing to all the tech players that have settled into the area.

Silicon Beach has attracted over 500 technology companies to its shores, including:

  • Google,
  • Yahoo!,
  • Facebook,
  • AOL,
  • Sony,
  • Amazon,
  • Apple, and
  • Netflix.

The influx of tech and other companies means that the construction business is thriving in Playa Del Rey and the surrounding Silicon Beach communities. Recent construction has included more than 3.2 million square feet of new office space in Playa Del Rey, with many pre-lease options snapped up by eager new tenants.

What Our Brokers Say About Playa Del Rey Office Space

The primary attraction for potential renters in Playa Del Rey is that it is an excellent location all-round. Los Angeles International Airport is a huge drawcard. It is so close that the authorities acquired quite a number of Playa Del Rey’s older neighborhoods by eminent domain, absorbing them into the airport’s property.

Being close to the airport brings the added advantages of easy public transportation and major thoroughfares and highways, all of which wind through the Los Angeles Metro Area. Playa Del Rey is also ideal for businesses looking for an office for lease that has a more relaxed vibe. The beach and its fun-loving communities lend an easy-going air to the place that is very appealing for startups and networking ambitions.

Most older homes in the Playa Del Rey neighborhoods consist of small, single-family homes, but the eastern area has several options for apartments and upscale condominiums. The high concentration of Big Tech and startups in the area means that Playa Del Rey’s businesses have an array of B2B opportunities. Some of the most prominent opportunities include providing technical, organizational, and financial guidance and management services and workspace options for resident employees.

Top Commercial Buildings in Playa Del Rey

311 Culver Boulevard and 315 Culver Boulevard: As part of a modern three-floor office compound, these two buildings both feature unobstructed views of Ballona Creek and the Pacific Ocean. It is also a highly walkable area, and tenants can enjoy an array of retail, dining, and fitness businesses a few minutes away.

165 Culver Boulevard: Located in the heart of Playa Del Rey, this four-unit office building features excellent views of nearby Ballona Park, the lagoon, and the ocean. It is an excellent choice for those who need more affordable office space in Playa Del Rey.

Get to Know LA’s Playa Del Rey

As a beautiful beach destination, Playa Del Rey features a diverse array of dining options, especially close to the beach on Culver Boulevard. For example, Cantalini’s Salerno Beach Restaurant is an old-school Italian restaurant that has been in operation since the 1960s and is still a top choice for locals. The neighborhood has also become a destination for innovative chefs, with Pershing Drive being the place to go for international, authentic Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisine.

Surfing is always an option in Playa Del Rey, and many experienced wave riders are ready to teach first-timers the basics. Natural beauty abounds, with areas like Exposition Park a perfect place to take a walk and relax. Or, explore some of the eclectic local businesses like Comic, Inc., home to an impressive collection of comic books, and Handmade Galleries for a taste of culture, courtesy of Playa Del Rey’s talented local artists.

Why Rent Office Space in Playa Del Rey?

Playa Del Rey has everything one might expect from a thriving beach community, including an atmosphere of fun, plenty of natural beauty, and solid business and logistics support for setting up office space. With excellent accessibility to the rest of the LA West region, it is an investment that any potential tenant can make confidently.

Nearby Neighborhoods to Set Up Office Space

Silicon Beach and the rest of Westside Los Angeles continue to draw businesses from all sides, especially relating to technology. It represents a huge range of real estate opportunities, from residential homes and rental properties to commercial office space for rent. Analysts expect Playa Del Rey to continue to grow alongside other nearby business-oriented communities, including Westchester, Torrance, and El Segundo.

SquareFoot is an excellent resource for those looking for office space in Playa Del Rey or nearby locations—connect with our knowledgeable team today to find out more.