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2101-2129 Mission Street, 3rd Floor - Suite 305


~$0 monthly


19,894 sf

~132 employees

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2-5 years

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If you are searching for competitive office space for rent, the Mission District in San Francisco, is one of the liveliest neighborhoods near the center of Latin culture. Settled in the 1770s, the Mission District is a Spanish-centered neighborhood with a melting pot of cultures and languages that attract both upscale and eclectic businesses. It is a microclimate with incredible potential, and it always seems sunnier in The Mission than anywhere else in the city.

Mission District Office Space—Lease Data & Trends

The 2020 pandemic took its toll on landlords worldwide, but the results for office rental opportunists have been entirely favorable. If your business is looking for office space for rent in the Mission District, San Francisco current trends will have them celebrating. Lots of space at lower than normal square foot prices are now a reality for those who want a piece of the 2.8 million square feet of office space for rent.

The Mission District, San Francisco, currently has about 14.8% of the total office space vacant and is still in great demand. Office rentals in the Mission District have fallen to around 12 to 15% less than before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, prices still remain higher per square foot than the Greater San Francisco average. Many businesses are shifting how much office space they require and how they intend to use it, and that’s good news for office space for rent in the Mission District, San Francisco.

What Our Brokers Say About Mission District Office Space

The Mission District is known for its amazing restaurants, many of which are family businesses started by immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and South America. It has become a neighborhood with a strong Shop-Small movement, offering many tailored shops with unique offerings at great prices.

Modern luxury businesses have also moved into view, including novelties like an indoor mini-golf range, boutique flower shops, and brewpubs. There is a considerable variety of tastes and personalities in the Mission District, and there is room for anyone who wants to set up in the cultural heart of San Francisco.

Top Commercial Buildings in the Mission District

1144 Capp St: How does an entire 3,440 square foot building with polished concrete floors, high ceilings, plenty of natural light, and an open floor plan sound? It is perfect for a modern office space for rent in the Mission District. San Francisco renters can enjoy the four conference rooms, an outdoor garden, and parking access, and it is easy to access with the BART a five-minute walk away.

510 Treat Ave: As a 2,850 square foot building with a modern, industrial look, this property contains a gated parking lot, high ceilings, a private roof deck with 360-degree views, and even a full kitchen and dining area. Find out more from the SquareFoot team—call us about office space for rent in the Mission District, San Francisco, and nearby locations.

3178 17th St: A unique 1,200 square foot penthouse, this space spans the entire top floor with a turn-key experience that is great for tech startups or similar ventures. It is cozy, private, and modern, featuring high ceilings, a roof deck, and an open workspace that can easily fit over twenty comfortable workstations.

Get to Know the Mission District

There is a diverse range of inhabitants and businesses in the Mission District, where one can find designer items, second-hand furniture, or unique handmade creations all on the same street. As one of San Francisco’s original neighborhoods, the Mission District contains the city’s oldest structure—a small adobe chapel on 16th and Dolores with an adjoining cemetery. The chapel still houses an active congregation and welcomes visitors.

The Mission District is also the center of San Francisco’s culinary scene, featuring taquerias, mom-and-pop diners, trendy bars, and gastro pubs in one eclectic mix of flavors. You will also find artisan ice cream, small-batch coffee, and trendy international fusion restaurants alongside traditional Mexican, Central American, and South American cuisine.

Why Rent Office Space in the Mission District?

The Mission District has transformed from a post-World War II working-class neighborhood to one that houses tech executives and dot-com professionals. Many who previously shuttled back and forth to Silicon Valley have set up shop in town, happy to add to the diverse and warm office vibe. It allows businesses to attract employees from a vast talent pool and offers them a great place to work and live.

Nearby Neighborhoods to Set Up Office Space

The Mission offers a unique and welcoming location in San Francisco to rent office space. The areas surrounding San Francisco are worth exploring as well, and you may want to consider the following options in your search:


Just 28 miles from San Francisco, Fremont offers diverse office space and cost-effective leases, like at the Fremont Commerce Center. It also offers the luxury of being near a major city while nestled in a serene and scenic area that is far more affordable.

San Jose

The modern San Jose is 43 miles from San Francisco and offers similar locations at a fraction of the cost. Prime office space is also available in and around the bustling San Jose International Airport at very reasonable prices.


As a city tucked away in the farmland of the San Joaquin Valley, Stockton is beautiful. The location boasts thousands of miles of waterways known as the California Delta, and it is only 62 miles from San Francisco. Stockton is rich with history and affordable office spaces that are spacious and attractive to a range of business interests.


California’s capital offers office properties of varying types and prices to suit any Sacramento venture. The rates are highly favorable at the moment, and it is a perfect time to secure office space in the state’s capital for a great deal. Prices may even drop more as the competition heightens.


The final city near San Francisco’s Mission District is Modesto. Surrounded by farmland, it resides on the banks of the Tuolumne River and offers affordable rental prices for any businesses in need of cheap office space close to major cities and routes. Many office spaces are in newer buildings and offer all the amenities a business needs in affordable turn-key real estate.