525 Spruce Street

Presidio Heights

San Francisco, CA 94118

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Presidio Heights

Presidio Heights is a small neighborhood in San Francisco that’s right next to the park and military fort that shares its name: The Presidio. Though the Bay area is typically bustling with activity, Presidio Heights provides a quieter area conveniently located right next door to some of the city’s most beautiful trails and parks. This luxury, upscale neighborhood is full of historic mansions and family homes.

Presidio Office Space | Lease Data & Trends

Finding available office space in this prestigious, affluent area may prove challenging. Housing may be difficult to find in Presidio Heights because it is so expensive; office spaces, on the other hand, are simply few and far between. Currently, less than 1% of the total square feet of existing commercial spaces is available for rent. Those who are lucky enough to find an open space will likely find rental prices that average $77 per square foot, slightly higher than the San Francisco average of $71/sqft. Areas with comparable pricing include Mid-Market and the Financial District.

What Our Brokers Say About Presidio & Presidio Heights

Pacific Avenue and Presidio Heights’ namesake, The Presidio, borders Presidio Heights to the north, California Street and Laurel Heights border it to the south, Presidio Avenue and Pacific Heights border it to the east, and Arguello Boulevard and Richmond District border it to the west. Nearby neighborhoods and landmarks and areas include Richmond, Western Addition, Pacific Heights, Marina, and, of course, The Presidio.

Presidio Heights tends to attract people who have worked hard to acquire the financial means to live there; the average home sells for $2 million. However, apartments are available, but they too tend to be very expensive. This quiet, beautiful community serves as a place of solace for families and those who aren’t looking for much of the nightlife found in other parts of the city. Most people who move to Presidio Heights stay for a long time. The median age of residents is 47, and more than 80% hold a four-year college degree.

This neighborhood is ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses who need to be centrally located in the city but still want to enjoy a restful environment with plenty of opportunities to disappear into the woods for a break from all the activity, perhaps by exploring The Presidio just to the north. Presidio Heights maintains a lively small business community mostly concentrated in Sacramento Street and California Street. In fact, more than 2,432 small businesses work out of this small, peaceful community. However, the area is also fertile ground for the establishment of a larger business.

Presidio Heights’ serene environment and impressive hiking trail options help make the neighborhood the 46th most walkable neighborhood in the city; more than 5% of workers walk to work. It’s also ideal for cyclists with its wide streets and quiet neighborhoods. Most people—more than 75%—choose to commute by car. Those who prefer public transportation have plenty of available options, too. The Golden Gate Ferry close by for those who need to cross the water. And like most areas in San Francisco, Presidio Heights has several nearby San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MUNI) stops. Nearly 31% of workers in Presidio Heights choose public transportation to get to work. Those who need to travel within the state or internationally for work or personal reasons can get to the San Francisco International Airport in less than 30 minutes by car.

Presidio Heights boast a wide variety of delicious, easily accessible restaurants for locals. If you’re looking for a spot to host a business lunch or just want to get out of the office for a bite to eat by yourself or with a coworker, don’t miss these great selections: Spruce, Garibaldi’s, Sociale, Smokin’ Warehouse Barbecue, and Magic Flute Ristorante. Find other restaurants and high-class shopping options in Presidio Heights’ main shopping centers on Sacramento Street and on California Street. With its majestic houses and pricey cost of living, it’s no surprise Presidio Heights also includes multiple nearby high-class hotels for visiting business partners or clients. A few good options are the Inn at the Presidio, Hotel Majestic, and Hotel Drisco.

Most city locations include access to parks within the city so residents can enjoy some trees and other greenery amid the many man-made structures. However, Presidio Heights takes this concept to the next level. It’s actually known for its gardens, greenery, parks, and hiking trails, so it’s no wonder the area is such a sought-after place to live. To take a break from the office or just get some exercise after hours, be sure to look up Andy Goldsworthy’s Wood Line, Lovers’ Lane at the Presidio, and Inspiration Point at the Presidio. If walking and hiking aren’t your ideal choices for exercise, Presidio Heights is also known for its high-class golfing experiences. Visit the Private Presidio Golf & Concordia Club to golf one of the best courses in the country.

Presidio Heights History

The city-county of San Francisco was founded by Spanish colonist in 1776 and named after Saint Francis of Assisi. Some of the city’s Spanish history remains in the form of landmarks and cultural attractions. For example, Presidio Heights is located right next to The Presidio, which was originally called El Presidio Real de San Francisco, meaning “The Royal Fortress of Saint Francis.” It is both a park and a former Army military fort. In September of the year the city was founded, New Spain established The Presidio as a fortified location because they wanted to begin taking Alta California. The fort soon changed hands to Mexico and then to the United States in 1848. The Presidio was used for military purposes for 219 years until 1989 when Congress voted to remove its active military status. Five years later, it became a national park. Today, the park features a variety of forest areas and fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean. In 1962, it was recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

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