311 South Wacker Drive, 23rd Floor - Suite 2370

West Loop

Chicago, IL 60606

  • 3,504 sqft~ 23 seats
  • ~$37 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease
  • Lease TermFlexible

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  • Availability

    Suite 17901,008sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
    60th Floor - Suite 60301,911sqft~ 12~$37 psf
    22nd Floor - Suite 22901,939sqft~ 12~$37 psf
    52nd Floor - Suite 52301,953sqft~ 13~$37 psf
    Suite 52301,953sqft~ 13Inquire for pricing
    15th Floor - Suite 15902,123sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
    33rd Floor - Suite 33902,256sqft~ 15~$37 psf
    21st Floor - Suite 21752,316sqft~ 15~$37 psf
    5th Floor2,461sqft~ 16~$37 psf
    14th Floor - Suite 14102,487sqft~ 16Inquire for pricing
    14th Floor2,487sqft~ 16~$37 psf
    Suite 65502,493sqft~ 16Inquire for pricing
    5th Floor - Suite 5502,640sqft~ 17Inquire for pricing
    Suite 61252,739sqft~ 18Inquire for pricing
    32nd Floor - Suite 32802,793sqft~ 18~$37 psf
    Suite 17252,857sqft~ 19Inquire for pricing
    23rd Floor - Suite 23602,920sqft~ 19~$37 psf
    25th Floor - Suite 25502,952sqft~ 19~$37 psf
    54th Floor - Suite 54003,070sqft~ 20~$37 psf
    Suite 23903,079sqft~ 20Inquire for pricing
    Suite 20103,378sqft~ 22Inquire for pricing
    50th Floor - Suite 50103,426sqft~ 22~$37 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 6253,427sqft~ 22~$37 psf
    23rd Floor - Suite 23703,504sqft~ 23~$37 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 9503,635sqft~ 24Inquire for pricing
    8th Floor - Suite 8253,682sqft~ 24~$37 psf
    Suite 15503,722sqft~ 24Inquire for pricing
    51st Floor - Suite 51253,939sqft~ 26~$37 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 8804,124sqft~ 27~$37 psf
    Office Space Suite4,186sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
    32nd Floor - Suite 32504,326sqft~ 28~$37 psf
    Suite 17754,519sqft~ 30Inquire for pricing
    14th Floor - Suite 14504,587sqft~ 30~$37 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 15604,634sqft~ 30~$37 psf
    Suite 15604,635sqft~ 30Inquire for pricing
    45th Floor - Suite 45254,814sqft~ 32Inquire for pricing
    4th Floor - Suite 4204,942sqft~ 32~$37 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 8604,978sqft~ 33~$37 psf
    54th Floor - Suite 54505,009sqft~ 33~$37 psf
    33rd Floor - Suite 33005,109sqft~ 34~$37 psf
    23rd Floor - Suite 23505,199sqft~ 34~$37 psf
    12th Floor5,200sqft~ 34Inquire for pricing
    Suite 54005,316sqft~ 35Inquire for pricing
    58th Floor - Suite 58005,322sqft~ 35~$37 psf
    21st Floor - Suite 21505,423sqft~ 36~$37 psf
    Suite 21505,424sqft~ 36Inquire for pricing
    33rd Floor - Suite 33805,445sqft~ 36~$37 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 9805,463sqft~ 36Inquire for pricing
    Suite 9505,464sqft~ 36Inquire for pricing
    9th Floor5,464sqft~ 36~$37 psf
    Suite 10605,701sqft~ 38Inquire for pricing
    Suite 22505,759sqft~ 38Inquire for pricing
    Suite 7505,831sqft~ 38Inquire for pricing
    Suite 61506,105sqft~ 40Inquire for pricing
    Suite 49506,431sqft~ 42Inquire for pricing
    20th Floor - Suite 20006,578sqft~ 43~$37 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17006,645sqft~ 44~$37 psf
    Suite 23006,790sqft~ 45Inquire for pricing
    Suite 51256,881sqft~ 45Inquire for pricing
    Suite 14506,914sqft~ 46Inquire for pricing
    52nd Floor - Suite 52506,970sqft~ 46~$37 psf
    32nd Floor - Suite 32257,184sqft~ 47~$37 psf
    61st Floor - Suite 61007,402sqft~ 49~$37 psf
    Suite 55007,431sqft~ 49Inquire for pricing
    47th Floor - Suite 47507,440sqft~ 49~$37 psf
    24th Floor - Suite 24007,761sqft~ 51~$37 psf
    Suite 22007,886sqft~ 52Inquire for pricing
    32nd Floor - Suite 32008,234sqft~ 54~$37 psf
    Suite 32258,433sqft~ 56~$37 psf
    58th Floor - Suite 58008,686sqft~ 57Inquire for pricing
    58th Floor8,686sqft~ 57~$37 psf
    52nd Floor8,686sqft~ 57Inquire for pricing
    52nd Floor8,923sqft~ 59~$37 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 6509,147sqft~ 60~$37 psf
    25th Floor - Suite 25009,161sqft~ 61~$37 psf
    41st Floor - Suite 41509,553sqft~ 63~$37 psf
    33rd Floor10,552sqft~ 70~$37 psf
    23rd Floor11,625sqft~ 77~$37 psf
    18th Floor - Suite 2217211,625sqft~ 77Inquire for pricing
    51st Floor11,667sqft~ 77Inquire for pricing
    47th Floor - Suite 470013,342sqft~ 88~$37 psf
    25th Floor14,024sqft~ 93~$37 psf
    21st Floor14,694sqft~ 97Inquire for pricing
    59th Floor - Suite 590016,266sqft~ 108Inquire for pricing
    32nd Floor19,750sqft~ 131~$37 psf
    Suite 470020,786sqft~ 138Inquire for pricing
    Suite 500021,501sqft~ 143Inquire for pricing
    18th Floor - Suite 180022,168sqft~ 147~$37 psf
    18th Floor22,172sqft~ 147~$37 psf
    42nd Floor - Suite 420022,835sqft~ 152~$37 psf
    40th Floor - Suite 400022,875sqft~ 152~$37 psf
    41st Floor - Suite 410022,875sqft~ 152Inquire for pricing
    39th Floor - Suite 390022,931sqft~ 152~$37 psf
    38th Floor - Suite 380022,940sqft~ 152~$37 psf
    36th Floor - Suite 360023,028sqft~ 153~$37 psf
    35th Floor - Suite 350023,096sqft~ 153~$37 psf
    34th Floor - Suite 340023,107sqft~ 154~$37 psf
    Suite 50023,801sqft~ 158Inquire for pricing
    Suite 40023,881sqft~ 159Inquire for pricing



    West Loop

    West Loop comprises the western area of The Loop, which is Chicago’s central business district and downtown area. West Loop is also sometimes referred to as Near West Side. Once filled with mostly factories and warehouses, the area is now home to an impressive array of restaurants, neighborhoods, design stores, and higher education institutions. For example, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago-Kent College of Law, and Stuart School of Business are all in West Loop.

    West Loop began as a wholesale meatpacking district and morphed into the vibrant, restaurant-packed area it is today. In fact, the deep-dish pizza Chicago is famous for originated in West Loop. Anyone who lives and works here will enjoy the delicious cuisines that tourists come from around the world to try.

    Many notable enterprises have their headquarters in West Loop, including McDonald’s, Boeing, and Orbitz. PepsiCo and Aeromexico also have offices here.


    West Loop Office Space | Lease Data and Trends

    West Loop contains more square feet of office space than any of the other Chicago Loop areas. In total, West Loop includes nearly 51 million square feet of commercial space, with over 1.5 million under construction. Currently, West Loop office space has a total vacancy of 14%. Overall, office spaces here cost $48 per square foot to rent. This is higher than the Chicago office space rental average of $34 per square foot. Almost all of West Loop’s office space (about 38 million square feet) is Class A space, but Class B and Class C space are also available. In West Loop, Class A spaces cost $51 per square foot to rent; Class B spaces cost $40; and Class C spaces cost $35.


    Office Space for Rent Price per square foot Vacancy
    Class A $51 13%
    Class B $40 16%
    Class C $35 15%



    What Our Brokers Say About West Loop Office Space

    West Loop is named for its location along the western side of the Chicago River. Grand Avenue borders it to the north; Eisenhower Expressway borders it to the south; and Ashland Avenue borders it to the west. The Fulton River District, Greektown, Little Italy, Illinois Medical District, and United Center are all located within or next to West Loop. West Loop also includes or is near many of Chicago’s designated landmarks, including Holden House, Union Station, West Town State Bank Building, and Fulton-Randolph Market District.

    The most popular ways to travel in West Loop are by train and by bus. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Blue Line, Green Line, and Pink Line all have stops here. Chicago’s two train hubs, Union Station and Ogilvie/Northwestern Station, are both in West Loop. It is even easier to travel by bus. The following bus routes run through West Loop: 8 Halsted, 9 Ashland, 12 Roosevelt, 19 United Center Express, 20 Madison, 38 Ogden/Taylor, and 50 Damen. Like the rest of the Chicago, traffic for those traveling by car can be excessive; in this area, it’s particularly congested around United Center. However, West Loop does have Interstates 290 and 90, which can make commuting by car easier in this area than in other parts of The Loop. West Loop is also relatively safe for pedestrians and bikers. Midway International Airport and O’Hare International Airport are located nearby for convenient national and international travel.

    Some people travel to Chicago just to try the deep-dish pizza. Escape the office for lunch or a business meeting and enjoy the ultimate pizza experience in West Loop at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Bonci, Giordano’s, or Coalfire Pizza. West Loop is also known for its excellent burgers. Try one at Au Cheval, Kuma’s Corner, or Umami Burger. The area around Randolph Street and Fulton Market is actually called “Restaurant Row.” The extensive restaurant options here are sure to accommodate all tastes— popular choices are Girl & the Goat, Lone Wolf, Au Cheval, Soho House, The Publican, Bottom Lounge, and the Aviary.


    West Loop Neighborhood History

    In West Loop’s early days in the mid-1800s, the area’s poorest residents lived in prairie shacks west of the river, while the wealthiest residents built large houses on Washington Boulevard, Jackson Boulevard, or Ashland Avenue.

    Chicago as a whole has been an important economic center for a long time. The Fulton-Randolph Market area of West Loop began primarily as a wholesale market that processed and distributed meat and produce. Today, West Loop is still known for food, but more because of its restaurants than its meatpacking industry. Donnie Madia, who opened the restaurant Blackbird in West Loop in 1997, noted that this area has become increasingly popular for restaurant owners—and, consequently, for foodies and professionals everywhere. “It’s no longer Chicago restaurants and chefs, but people around the country who want to come and take a bite out of the West Loop and negotiate a lease,” he said.

    Oprah Winfrey is partially responsible for some of West Loop’s economic success. In 1988, Harpo Studios established its headquarters in West Loop, and in 1989, the Oprah Winfrey Show was filmed here, drawing many visitors and employing more than 200 people. The show also drew many new restaurants to the area, beginning Restaurant Row.

    West Loop survived the Great Recession of the mid-2000s quite well. “Post-recession, the West Loop has come around probably more than any other neighborhood,” said Aaron Galvin, president at Luxury Living Chicago rental brokerage. During this time, thousands of residential units were constructed in the area, and thousands more were planned. The influx in population also spurred the growth of businesses in the area. Google, Boeing, Uber, Motorola, and United Airlines are all major employers in West Loop.

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