112 9th Street, 2nd Floor


New York, NY 11215

  • 8,300 sqft~55 seats
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2nd Floor - Suite 202208sqft~ 1$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 232214sqft~ 1$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 256410sqft~ 2$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 274468sqft~ 3$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 272538sqft~ 3$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 286576sqft~ 3$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 204581sqft~ 3$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 212659sqft~ 4$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 228659sqft~ 4$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 290711sqft~ 4$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 296711sqft~ 4$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 292711sqft~ 4$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 298720sqft~ 4$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 276728sqft~ 4$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 280744sqft~ 4$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 278744sqft~ 4$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 284794sqft~ 5$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 230805sqft~ 5$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 240808sqft~ 5$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 294835sqft~ 5$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 210855sqft~ 5$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 214855sqft~ 5$40 psf
2nd Floor915sqft~ 6$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 288915sqft~ 6$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 270990sqft~ 6$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2081,066sqft~ 7$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2481,150sqft~ 7$40 psf
2nd Floor1,155sqft~ 7$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2501,155sqft~ 7$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2441,155sqft~ 7$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2521,161sqft~ 7$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2821,330sqft~ 8$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2541,361sqft~ 9$40 psf
2nd Floor1,361sqft~ 9$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2461,668sqft~ 11$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2161,722sqft~ 11$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2201,784sqft~ 11$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2201,900sqft~ 12$45 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2261,993sqft~ 13$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2682,038sqft~ 13$40 psf
2nd Floor - 280 and 282 Suite2,074sqft~ 13$46 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2422,121sqft~ 14$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2642,330sqft~ 15$45 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2222,461sqft~ 16$48 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2342,483sqft~ 16$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2242,528sqft~ 16$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2222,625sqft~ 17$45 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2362,785sqft~ 18$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2603,263sqft~ 21$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2623,351sqft~ 22$31 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2003,681sqft~ 24$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2183,856sqft~ 25$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2003,925sqft~ 26$45 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2064,029sqft~ 26$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2064,250sqft~ 28$45 psf
2nd Floor - Unit 220 & Unit 222 Suite4,500sqft~ 30$45 psf
2nd Floor - Unit 218 & Unit 220 Suite6,000sqft~ 40$45 psf
2nd Floor8,300sqft~ 55$40 psf
2nd Floor - Unit 200 & Unit 206 Suite8,700sqft~ 58$46 psf
2nd Floor - 200-210 Suite10,250sqft~ 68$45 psf
2nd Floor - 214-222 Suite11,387sqft~ 75$50 psf
2nd Floor29,750sqft~ 198~$30 psf
2nd Floor42,000sqft~ 280~$30 psf
1st Floor81,400sqft~ 542~$30 psf




Gowanus is named after the 1.8-mile long canal that runs straight through the heart of the Brooklyn neighborhood. With a history heavily impacted by the canal — and its infamous pollution — Gowanus is experiencing a growth spurt of artistic creativity and repurposed industrial spaces.

Among Gowanus’ commercial residents include green businesses such as Film Biz Recycling and Big Reuse; graphic design and media companies CMYK, Hyperakt, and Genius; and a Whole Foods powered by wind turbines and solar panels. Small businesses who are forging their own path with find excellent company among pickle company Brooklyn Brine, shuffleboard club Royal Palms, and the Robot Foundry which makes robots out of old computer parts.

Carroll Garden and Gowanus Office Space | Lease Data & Trends

Downtown Brooklyn has close to 90% vacancy in brick and beam spaces, and Gowanus has many old warehouses and factory buildings with unlimited potential to offer to creative companies, startups, and manufacturers. An additional 240,000 square feet in Downtown Brooklyn is under renovation and construction. The overall average asking rent in Downtown Brooklyn is around $51 per square foot, but plenty of office space can often be found in the low to mid $40s.

What Our Brokers Say About Carroll Garden and Gowanus Office Space

Brooklyn has seen an influx of startups in recent years as Manhattan prices continue to rise, and Gowanus is getting its fair share of action. Since 2010, many co-working spaces have formed in Gowanus, including Brooklyn Writers Space, Bond Collective, Brooklyn Creative League, and The Yard. This trend is expected to continue in large part due to recent multi-million dollar purchases by Two Trees Management and Domain Companies, and a ground-up construction project led by Knotel.

As Gowanus continues to evolve, prices are increasing each year but remain among the lowest in Downtown Brooklyn. Gowanus had the 2nd lowest average transaction prices for both mixed-use and industrial/office spaces in Downtown Brooklyn. With less status than the trendier neighborhoods in Brooklyn such as Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, and Park Slope, Gowanus is attractive for companies seeking Brooklyn office space more affordable prices, but more public transit options than Red Hook and a shorter commute from Manhattan than Sunset Park and Industry City.

Gowanus is home to many art galleries and venues, a rising foodie and brewery scene, and many fitness opportunities, including New York’s largest indoor rock-climbing gym Brooklyn Boulders. Our team enjoys food and drinks at Frankies, Lavender Lake Bar, Prime Meats, Buttermilk Channel, Canal Bar, and Threes Brewing, and buying sweets at Monteleone bakery. In May through October, The Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club holds daily paddles on the canal. Carroll Park and Thomas Green Park and Playground is a favorite spot for families in the area.

Neighborhood History

The Gowanus Canal has played a crucial role in shaping the character of the neighborhood and nearby Carroll Gardens. In March of 2010, the EPA proclaimed the Gowanus Canal a Superfund site. Continual efforts are being made to decontaminate the canal and increase park area on the surrounding land, with anticipated completion of the clean up in early 2022.

Efforts from Bridging Gowanus and the Gowanus Neighborhood Planning Study have been hard at work in recent years to continue to transform Gowanus into a thriving neighborhood.

Working with the City Planning Department, their goal is to develop a planning and land-use framework for the neighborhood and encourage those who live in Gowanus to have a voice in the process. A continuing topic of discussion is how to best support existing and new businesses.

Getting Around Gowanus and Carroll Gardens

Gowanus are Carroll Gardens are accessible by the F, G, and R trains. Depending on the location of your office, Gowanus is only a short walk from the Atlantic Avenue – Barclays Center station, where you can get the B, D, N, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5, or Long Island Rail Road.

Citi Bike has an operations center in Gowanus, and three of the four bridges that cross the canal have bike routes (Union Street, 3rd Street, and 9th Street bridges).

Cars aren’t out of the ordinary, and locals often use rideshare services instead of taking a taxi. Street parking can be difficult, but more manageable than Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, or DUMBO.


Gowanus Aerial ViewCarroll Gardens Row Of HousesStorefronts in Gowanus

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