106 West 56th Street

The Six

New York, NY 10019

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23rd Floor2,473sqft~ 16~$80 psf
22nd Floor2,473sqft~ 16~$80 psf
21st Floor2,473sqft~ 16~$80 psf
20th Floor2,473sqft~ 16~$80 psf
24th Floor2,473sqft~ 16~$80 psf
25th Floor2,482sqft~ 16~$80 psf
26th Floor2,482sqft~ 16~$80 psf
20th Floor2,483sqft~ 16$161 psf
23rd Floor2,483sqft~ 16~$80 psf
24th Floor2,483sqft~ 16~$80 psf
21st Floor2,483sqft~ 16$166 psf
25th Floor2,492sqft~ 16~$80 psf
26th Floor2,492sqft~ 16~$80 psf
19th Floor2,672sqft~ 17~$80 psf
17th Floor2,672sqft~ 17~$80 psf
18th Floor2,672sqft~ 17~$80 psf
19th Floor2,682sqft~ 17~$80 psf
18th Floor2,682sqft~ 17~$80 psf
17th Floor2,682sqft~ 17~$80 psf
15th Floor3,037sqft~ 20~$80 psf
16th Floor3,037sqft~ 20~$80 psf
14th Floor3,037sqft~ 20~$80 psf
14th Floor3,051sqft~ 20$133 psf
15th Floor3,051sqft~ 20~$80 psf
16th Floor3,051sqft~ 20~$80 psf
12th Floor3,467sqft~ 23~$80 psf
11th Floor3,467sqft~ 23~$80 psf
10th Floor3,467sqft~ 23~$80 psf
11th Floor3,482sqft~ 23$106 psf
10th Floor3,482sqft~ 23~$80 psf
12th Floor3,482sqft~ 23~$80 psf
8th Floor3,836sqft~ 25~$80 psf
9th Floor3,836sqft~ 25~$80 psf
7th Floor3,836sqft~ 25~$80 psf
9th Floor3,850sqft~ 25~$80 psf
7th Floor3,850sqft~ 25~$80 psf
8th Floor3,850sqft~ 25$113 psf
Space4,508sqft~ 30~$80 psf
3rd Floor4,508sqft~ 30~$80 psf
4th Floor4,508sqft~ 30~$80 psf
6th Floor4,508sqft~ 30~$80 psf
5th Floor4,508sqft~ 30~$80 psf
2nd Floor4,508sqft~ 30~$80 psf
6th Floor4,524sqft~ 30~$80 psf
2nd Floor4,524sqft~ 30~$80 psf
3rd Floor4,524sqft~ 30~$80 psf
4th Floor4,524sqft~ 30~$80 psf
5th Floor4,524sqft~ 30~$80 psf
6th Floor4,525sqft~ 30$110 psf


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