111 Broadway, 18th Floor - Suite 1801

One Trinity Centre

New York, NY 10006

  • 4,613 sqft~30 seats
  • Inquire for pricing

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeSublease
  • Lease TermNegotiable
  • Sublease✔︎

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Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • Turnstile✔︎
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Owner/Leasing ManagerCapital Properties
  • Floors21
  • Height281 feet
  • ArchitectBeyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners LLP; Francis H. Kimball
  • Walk Score®100
  • Year Built1905
  • Noise Index0.32

The Trinity Centre is located on 111 Broadway on the corner of Thames Street and Broadway. Completed in 1905, the building stands at 21 floors tall and features around 484,901 square feet in office space for lease. The building stands in the Financial District in close proximity to the red, yellow, and green MTA subway lines. Hundreds of different restaurants also pepper the surrounding neighborhood. The edifice’s closeness to the other office buildings that surround the neighborhood make this space ideal for an organization needing proximity to partner firms or clients. Capital Properties has carefully restored every architectural detail of Trinity Centre’s exterior and interior. The result is the creation of Downtown’s pre-eminent boutique office complex of choice. In addition, there are ten new high speed elevators and a state-of-the-art HVAC controlled by a computerized building energy management system.

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6th Floor - Suite 6051,111sqft~ 7$50 psf
7th Floor - 703A Suite1,444sqft~ 9$55 psf
21st Floor - Suite 21022,541sqft~ 16~$58 psf
13th Floor - Suite 13042,576sqft~ 17~$58 psf
13th Floor - Suite 13022,800sqft~ 18$57 psf
6th Floor - Suite 6022,811sqft~ 18$55 psf
10th Floor - Suite 10062,844sqft~ 18$54 psf
10th Floor - Suite 10062,864sqft~ 19~$58 psf
10th Floor - Suite 10062,864sqft~ 19$54 psf
14th Floor - Suite 14033,002sqft~ 20$55 psf
16160416th Floor - Suite 16043,297sqft~ 21~$58 psf
16th Floor - Suite 16023,297sqft~ 21$54 psf
18th Floor3,300sqft~ 22$55 psf
18th Floor - Suite 18043,353sqft~ 22~$58 psf
18th Floor - Suite 18053,353sqft~ 22$59 psf
12th Floor - Suite 12023,371sqft~ 22$55 psf
5th Floor - Suite 5043,515sqft~ 23$49 psf
10th Floor - Suite 10053,546sqft~ 23$55 psf
15th Floor - Suite 15013,550sqft~ 23$56 psf
7th Floor - Suite 7043,714sqft~ 24$56 psf
7th Floor - Suite 7053,803sqft~ 25$49 psf
6th Floor - Suite 6033,878sqft~ 25$57 psf
12th Floor - Suite 12053,936sqft~ 26$55 psf
8th Floor4,006sqft~ 26~$58 psf
8th Floor - Suite 8004,006sqft~ 26$55 psf
Suite 6014,164sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
Suite 6014,164sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
14th Floor - Suite 14014,218sqft~ 28$49 psf
Suite 18014,605sqft~ 30$55 psf
18th Floor - Suite 18014,613sqft~ 30Inquire for pricing
13th Floor - Suite 13014,698sqft~ 31$53 psf
13th Floor - Suite 13014,711sqft~ 31~$58 psf
13th Floor - Suite 13024,757sqft~ 31~$58 psf
17th Floor - Suite 17024,948sqft~ 32~$58 psf
20th Floor - Suite 205,184sqft~ 34$59 psf
16th Floor - Suite 16045,232sqft~ 34$58 psf
17th Floor - Suite 75,245sqft~ 34~$58 psf
17th Floor - Suite 17015,245sqft~ 34~$58 psf
21st Floor - Suite 21035,774sqft~ 38~$58 psf
18th Floor - Suite 18035,879sqft~ 39$55 psf
15th Floor5,887sqft~ 39~$58 psf
12th Floor - Suite 12056,700sqft~ 44$58 psf
16th Floor - Suite 16037,014sqft~ 46~$58 psf
Suite 13017,570sqft~ 50~$58 psf
13th Floor - Suite 13067,603sqft~ 50$55 psf
13th Floor - Suite 3067,603sqft~ 50$55 psf
5th Floor - Suite 5018,294sqft~ 55$58 psf
16th Floor - Suite 16018,446sqft~ 56~$58 psf
15th Floor - Suite 15058,639sqft~ 57$58 psf
3rd Floor - Suite 3019,148sqft~ 60~$58 psf
10th Floor - Suite 10019,310sqft~ 62~$58 psf
10th Floor9,311sqft~ 62Inquire for pricing
Suite 10019,311sqft~ 62Inquire for pricing
3rd Floor - Suite 3019,652sqft~ 64$60 psf
15th Floor - 1502-1503 Suite11,364sqft~ 75$58 psf
20th Floor - Suite 200111,778sqft~ 78$59 psf
16th Floor13,000sqft~ 86$55 psf
Ground Floor Suite13,000sqft~ 86~$58 psf
5th Floor - Suite 50113,667sqft~ 91~$58 psf
18th Floor - Suite 180014,432sqft~ 96~$58 psf
9th Floor - Suite 90215,030sqft~ 100$55 psf
21st Floor18,017sqft~ 120$59 psf
20th Floor20,024sqft~ 133$55 psf
8th Floor - Suite 80020,766sqft~ 138~$58 psf
19th Floor23,306sqft~ 155Inquire for pricing



Financial District

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