1540 Broadway

The Bertelsmann Building

New York, NY 10036

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Building Details

  • Owner/Leasing ManagerCBRE
  • Floors42
  • ArchitectSkidmore, Owings & Merrill
  • Walk Score®95
  • Year Built1990
  • Noise Index0.67
  • Notable TenantsViacom; China Central Television; Yahoo; Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

The Bertelsmann Building is located on 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 on the corner of 45st Street and Broadway. Completed in 1990, the building stands at 42 floors tall and features over 1,100,000 square feet in office space for rent, make it quite a sizable structure. Although an older building, the structure has gone through a series of renovations in recent years which has substantially upgraded the building’s infrastructure and lobby. The Bertelsmann Building benefits from some of New York’s best amenities as it sits in the heart of Times Sqare. 1540 Broadway stands in close proximity to the orange, blue, and yellow MTA subway lines as well as hundreds of different restaurants around the neighborhood. In addition, the edifice’s proximity to the other office buildings that pepper Midtown make this space ideal for an organization needing closeness to partner firms or clients. The Bertelsmann Building served as the main headquarters and center of operations for the media conglomerate Bertelsmann until 2004, during which time they sold the property and leased out all of the office space they previously occupied. Current tenants now include Viacom, China Central Television, Yahoo, and Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. Since its inception, the Bertelsmann Building has been one of the few structures in Times Square to offer true class A office space.

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  • Availability

    3rd Floor~ 0sqft~ 1~$70 psf
    20th Floor - Partial Suite2,297sqft~ 15$65 psf
    30th Floor2,700sqft~ 18$85 psf
    28th Floor2,700sqft~ 18$85 psf
    35th Floor2,700sqft~ 18$85 psf
    34th Floor2,700sqft~ 18$85 psf
    29th Floor2,700sqft~ 18$85 psf
    31st Floor2,700sqft~ 18$85 psf
    33rd Floor2,700sqft~ 18$85 psf
    32nd Floor2,700sqft~ 18$85 psf
    37th Floor3,004sqft~ 20$87 psf
    15th Floor3,138sqft~ 20$74 psf
    37th Floor3,234sqft~ 21Inquire for pricing
    38th Floor4,067sqft~ 27$87 psf
    39th Floor - Suite 39304,067sqft~ 27$83 psf
    15th Floor4,859sqft~ 32$74 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 15204,859sqft~ 32$74 psf
    40th Floor - Suite 40305,058sqft~ 33$87 psf
    39th Floor8,477sqft~ 56$87 psf
    Space14,318sqft~ 95~$70 psf
    9th Floor17,373sqft~ 115$65 psf
    Space26,792sqft~ 178~$70 psf
    26th Floor26,942sqft~ 179Inquire for pricing
    27th Floor27,000sqft~ 180$85 psf
    33rd Floor27,000sqft~ 180$85 psf
    28th Floor27,000sqft~ 180$85 psf
    29th Floor27,000sqft~ 180$85 psf
    32nd Floor27,000sqft~ 180$85 psf
    30th Floor27,000sqft~ 180$85 psf
    34th Floor27,000sqft~ 180$85 psf
    35th Floor27,000sqft~ 180$85 psf
    31st Floor27,000sqft~ 180$85 psf
    Space27,231sqft~ 181~$70 psf
    21st Floor27,324sqft~ 182~$70 psf
    24th Floor27,324sqft~ 182~$70 psf
    23rd Floor27,324sqft~ 182~$70 psf
    19th Floor27,324sqft~ 182~$70 psf
    22nd Floor27,324sqft~ 182~$70 psf
    33rd Floor27,936sqft~ 186$80 psf
    29th Floor27,936sqft~ 186Inquire for pricing
    30th Floor27,936sqft~ 186Inquire for pricing
    E 33rs Floor27,936sqft~ 186Inquire for pricing
    35th Floor27,936sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    34th Floor27,936sqft~ 186$80 psf
    28th Floor27,938sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    27th Floor27,938sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    35th Floor27,939sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    29th Floor27,939sqft~ 186$80 psf
    33rd Floor27,939sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    26th Floor27,939sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    27th Floor27,939sqft~ 186$80 psf
    32nd Floor27,939sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    28th Floor27,939sqft~ 186$80 psf
    31st Floor27,939sqft~ 186$80 psf
    30th Floor27,939sqft~ 186$80 psf
    34th Floor27,939sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    18th Floor27,939sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    34th Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    30th Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    33rd Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    32nd Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    28th Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    26th Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    35th Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    29th Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    27th Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    31st Floor27,940sqft~ 186~$70 psf
    32nd Floor28,022sqft~ 186$80 psf
    21st Floor108,849sqft~ 725~$70 psf
    23rd Floor108,849sqft~ 725~$70 psf
    24th Floor108,849sqft~ 725~$70 psf
    22nd Floor108,849sqft~ 725~$70 psf
    29th Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf
    28th Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf
    27th Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf
    33rd Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf
    35th Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf
    32nd Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf
    34th Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf
    31st Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf
    26th Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf
    30th Floor278,464sqft~ 1,856~$70 psf



    Times Square

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