216 West 29th Street, 14th Floor - Suite 1401


New York, NY 10001

  • 1,889 sqft~ 12 seats
  • $54 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease
  • Lease Term2+ yrs

Fully renovated and modernized building with options from 1,200 rsf - 6k+. Space is extremely well lit and in excellent condition. Private bathroom.

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Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • Turnstile✔︎
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Walk Score®100
  • Noise Index0.57

214 West 29th Street will offer your company a great space and prime location in Chelsea. The building, which was constructed in 1926, stands 16 floors tall and features key-card access, a lobby attendant and on-site parking.
Since Chelsea is home to some of the best restaurants in NYC, the location of 214 West 29th Street will certainly not disappoint when it comes to impressing clients, or grabbing a quick lunch. A few blocks from 214 West 29th Street you can dine at restaurants such as The Red Cat, which features delicious American food and rave-worthy desserts, or Salinas, a luxurious hidden-gem. For your lunch-hour needs, we recommend getting a burger and shake from Bills Bar and Burger or strolling through the shops of Chelsea Market! Walk off all of those great meals on the High Line, which is also just a few blocks from 214 West 29th Street. This building is perfect for anyone looking for an office space that does not compromise on convenience nor location.

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  • Availability

    Space100sqft~ 0~$65 psf
    6th Floor - WeWork Private Suite600sqft~ 4$70 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10041,125sqft~ 7$54 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 1001,125sqft~ 7$54 psf
    10th Floor1,125sqft~ 7~$65 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10031,159sqft~ 7$54 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10031,200sqft~ 8$54 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10011,270sqft~ 8$49 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10051,275sqft~ 8$54 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10051,275sqft~ 8$49 psf
    Suite 10051,275sqft~ 8~$65 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10051,275sqft~ 8$65 psf
    10th Floor1,275sqft~ 8$54 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10071,400sqft~ 9$49 psf
    14th Floor - Suite 14021,655sqft~ 11$54 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10061,655sqft~ 11~$65 psf
    Suite 10061,655sqft~ 11$54 psf
    14th Floor - Suite 14011,889sqft~ 12$54 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12002,000sqft~ 13~$65 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12012,000sqft~ 13$54 psf
    12th Floor2,000sqft~ 13~$65 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12012,000sqft~ 13$54 psf
    11th Floor - Suite 11052,350sqft~ 15$54 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12012,412sqft~ 16$59 psf
    Suite 12012,425sqft~ 16$57 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 9012,741sqft~ 18~$65 psf
    Suite 72,762sqft~ 18$57 psf
    A Suite3,033sqft~ 20~$65 psf
    Ground Floor - B Suite3,033sqft~ 20$80 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12023,272sqft~ 21~$65 psf
    7th Floor3,600sqft~ 24~$65 psf
    Suite 83,600sqft~ 24~$65 psf
    8th Floor3,762sqft~ 25~$65 psf
    B Suite4,657sqft~ 31~$65 psf
    Ground Floor - C Suite4,657sqft~ 31$80 psf
    17th Floor4,680sqft~ 31~$65 psf
    16th Floor5,258sqft~ 35$55 psf
    Space5,970sqft~ 39~$65 psf
    15th Floor6,225sqft~ 41~$65 psf
    15th Floor - Full Floor Suite6,225sqft~ 41$59 psf
    15th Floor6,225sqft~ 41$59 psf
    15th Floor7,000sqft~ 46$59 psf
    8th Floor10,500sqft~ 70$156 psf
    7th Floor10,500sqft~ 70$156 psf




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