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2420 Amsterdam Avenue


$15255 - $44336 monthly

($45 - $45 psf)


4,068 - 11,823 sf


27 - 78 employees

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About the Building

Building Amenities

Walk Score: 97
Noise Index: 0.61


Radio 181

2420 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10033

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Washington Heights

Washington Heights, NY Office Space for Rent

The lure of working in New York City is hard to pass up. It has everything a business owner could need in a host city. To build efficient workplace culture, you must have a setting that inspires your employees to work their hardest to help grow your company. 

One of the best incentives you can offer potential employees is the opportunity to work in NYC. 

Manhattan is the largest and most populated borough of New York City. It is home to some of the biggest companies in a variety of different industries. 

In Manhattan sits Washington Heights, a neighborhood with one of the most diverse and distinct cultures you cannot find anywhere else. Washington Heights may be the perfect place to lease office space for your business. 

We can help you determine if Washington Heights office space is the best fit for your business. Our commercial real estate experts can analyze your needs and match you with the office buildings we think will suit you the best. And don’t worry, our services are free for tenants!

Washington Heights Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

Washington Heights is trending upwards in terms of costs and popularity. Many industry leaders are looking into space in the neighborhood, while lease fees are affordable. 

Our experts say there is a short window over the next couple of years to lease office space for rent in Washington Heights at an affordable rate. After that, competition may price you out of the market. 

If you require assistance finding Washington Heights office space, do not hesitate to reach out. Our talented team can sympathize with your wants and needs to match you with the perfect commercial space for your business.

What Our Brokers Say About Washington Heights Office Space

Currently, the market is hot for commercial spaces in Washington Heights. Many business owners are trying to find an office before gentrification begins to affect the leasing costs. 

If you own or operate a bilingual company, there is no doubt there is a place for you in The Heights. Latino culture in particular is ingrained in the community.

Washington Heights is on the rise. Look for it to be one of the best neighborhoods in NYC over the next few years.

Top Commercial Buildings in Washington Heights (Manhattan)

One of the benefits of looking for office space in Washington Heights is that many commercial buildings are up for lease in the neighborhood. Here are some of our recommended office spaces for your business: 

600-614 West 181st Street: If you own a convenience store or small operation, West 181st Street offers a strip of locations that will increase the visibility of your storefront. In totality, the strip of commercial spaces stretches over 53,000 square feet. It is home to many stores, such as GNC and AT&T. Prices vary by location. 

617-625 West 181st Street: A little further up the street, there are larger rental spaces that your business can lease. If you require a storefront and an upstairs office space, this location may be the perfect match. Plus, with a central location, your business will be visible to thousands of potential customers daily. 

3856 Broadway: The office space at 3856 Broadway offers several benefits for a business owner, including proximity to Columbia University’s Medical Center New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. If your business has anything to do with the medical industry, it is a supreme location. It is also close to many public transportation stations, allowing your employees to have reliable transportation to and from work.

Get To Know Washington Heights

With a diverse culture, Washington Heights brings people together from all different locations and ethnicities. It is one of the best neighborhoods for minority-owned businesses, and Washington Heights residents always support their local businesses. 

The primary ethnicity of Washington Heights is Dominican. If your business requires some of your employees to speak Spanish, there is a large pool of talent to choose from in Washington Heights.

Why Rent Office Space in Washington Heights?

There are many benefits of leasing office space in Washington Heights. Firstly, you have quick access to Midtown Manhattan, meaning you have one of the largest educated talent pools to select from when your company is hiring.  

Also, The Heights is home to Fort Tryon Park and other spacious green areas if you want an office near nature. Having a serene workplace environment can boost your employees’ morale and improve their daily quality of life.

Nearby Neighborhoods To Set Up Office Space

If you think that your business would be better off in a location other than Washington Heights, here is a list of some of the best surrounding areas in New York City: 

Bushwick: A similar community to Washington Heights is Bushwick. Located in Brooklyn, Bushwick also has a diverse community that is undergoing gentrification. If arts and culture are what you look for in a potential office home, Bushwick is the spot for you. Currently, Brooklyn is the fastest-growing borough in NYC. Thus, it is the perfect time to get in before rental prices start to soar. 

Inwood: Inwood is a gem in Northern Manhattan with lower rental prices than any other neighborhood in the Big Apple. With several green spaces and parks, it is one of the most suburban places in New York City. You can give your employees a high quality of life with comfortable office space in Inwood. However, the neighborhood is gaining popularity, so now is the best time to lease an office. 

Financial District: If you want to reap the benefits of life in New York City, you might as well go to where all the action happens. The Financial District is world-renowned for its successful businesses and Central Manhattan location. If you have financial flexibility, it may be worth it to lease office space in the heart of NYC. 

If you require Washington Heights office space, contact our team today. We can help you find the perfect commercial building for your business.