1 World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

New York, NY 10007

  • 160 - 57,927 sqft~ 1 - 386 seats
  • inquire for pricing

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Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • Turnstile✔︎
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Owner/Leasing ManagerThe Port Authority of NY/NJ; The Durst Organization
  • Floors104
  • Height1,776 ft
  • ArchitectSkidmore, Owings, & Merrill
  • Walk Score®100
  • Year Built2014
  • Noise Index0.32

Sitting in the heart of the Financial District, One World Trade Center is one of the tallest, greenest, and safest buildings in the world. The new tower promises to have a high degree of environmental sustainability as well as advanced life safety systems, not to mention a breathtaking draped glass design. / 69 stories of class A office space are available for commercial lease and offer views from heights of up to 1,120 ft. Beyond that, the building and surrounding complex sport a variety of shops, restaurants, and observation decks that have all been either newly constructed or renovated. One WTC is also expected to receive a ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (LEED) gold certification, making it one of the most ecofriendly and sustainable buildings in the world. For the environmentally conscious, various green initiatives were included during construction; these include using recycled materials for the majority of the structure as well as incorporating energy efficient windows, interior lighting, and a number of other sustainable systems. / Given its national significance, One WTC is an ultramodern addition that will only contribute to the allure of New York City’s bustling Financial District. Its location, infrastructure, and support systems truly legitimize its claim as a premier New York City institution for decades to come.

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  • Availability

    Suite 1118160sqft~ 1~$70 psf
    Suite 500200sqft~ 1~$70 psf
    Suite 8500400sqft~ 2~$70 psf
    85th Floor - Suite 8500600sqft~ 4$3 psf
    666th Floor666sqft~ 4$66 psf
    Suite 8500800sqft~ 5~$70 psf
    46th Floor - Partial Suite2,191sqft~ 14$73 psf
    46th Floor - B Suite2,191sqft~ 14~$70 psf
    B Suite2,191sqft~ 14~$70 psf
    Space2,191sqft~ 14~$70 psf
    Space2,488sqft~ 16~$70 psf
    84C2,747sqft~ 18$87 psf
    Space2,747sqft~ 18~$70 psf
    84th Floor - C Suite2,747sqft~ 18$75 psf
    46th Floor - 46A Suite3,446sqft~ 22$69 psf
    Space3,446sqft~ 22~$70 psf
    45th Floor3,510sqft~ 23$78 psf
    45th Floor - 45C Suite3,510sqft~ 23$69 psf
    46th Floor - C Suite3,510sqft~ 23~$70 psf
    47th Floor - 47A Suite4,156sqft~ 27$73 psf
    47th Floor - A Suite4,156sqft~ 27$73 psf
    86T4,422sqft~ 29~$70 psf
    49th Floor - M Suite4,719sqft~ 31~$70 psf
    46th Floor - 46D Suite4,963sqft~ 33$73 psf
    71st Floor4,973sqft~ 33~$70 psf
    Space4,973sqft~ 33~$70 psf
    Space5,122sqft~ 34~$70 psf
    64th Floor - Partial Suite5,122sqft~ 34~$70 psf
    47th Floor5,262sqft~ 35Inquire for pricing
    D Suite5,262sqft~ 35~$70 psf
    D Suite5,262sqft~ 35~$70 psf
    71st Floor - A Suite5,329sqft~ 35$69 psf
    77th Floor6,475sqft~ 43$73 psf
    46th Floor7,530sqft~ 50Inquire for pricing
    45th Floor - E Suite7,540sqft~ 50~$70 psf
    45th Floor - Partial Suite7,540sqft~ 50~$70 psf
    58th Floor7,659sqft~ 51~$70 psf
    76th Floor - A Suite7,945sqft~ 52$69 psf
    45th Floor - D Suite8,590sqft~ 57$77 psf
    46th Floor - Partial Suite8,995sqft~ 59~$70 psf
    L Suite8,995sqft~ 59~$70 psf
    Space8,995sqft~ 59~$70 psf
    Space9,425sqft~ 62~$70 psf
    49th Floor - J Suite9,425sqft~ 62~$70 psf
    49th Floor - Partial Suite9,425sqft~ 62~$70 psf
    71st Floor - 71J Suite9,499sqft~ 63$92 psf
    71st FloorBROKER INSIGHT9,916sqft~ 66$92 psf
    Space9,916sqft~ 66~$70 psf
    45th Floor10,222sqft~ 68Inquire for pricing
    60th Floor10,610sqft~ 70~$70 psf
    80th Floor10,690sqft~ 71Inquire for pricing
    49th Floor - D Suite10,804sqft~ 72~$70 psf
    49th Floor10,804sqft~ 72~$70 psf
    Space10,847sqft~ 72~$70 psf
    76th Floor - Partial Suite10,847sqft~ 72~$70 psf
    79 - Partial Suite11,033sqft~ 73~$70 psf
    Space11,033sqft~ 73~$70 psf
    79th Floor - Partial Suite11,034sqft~ 73~$70 psf
    76th Floor12,370sqft~ 82Inquire for pricing
    46E12,456sqft~ 83~$70 psf
    Space12,456sqft~ 83~$70 psf
    Space12,908sqft~ 86~$70 psf
    90th Floor - Partial Suite12,908sqft~ 86~$70 psf
    48th Floor - J Suite13,286sqft~ 88$88 psf
    48th Floor13,286sqft~ 88~$70 psf
    46th Floor - Partial Suite13,286sqft~ 88~$70 psf
    48th Floor13,286sqft~ 88~$70 psf
    Space13,286sqft~ 88~$70 psf
    Space16,065sqft~ 107~$70 psf
    49th Floor - A Suite16,962sqft~ 113Inquire for pricing
    49th Floor - A Suite16,962sqft~ 113Inquire for pricing
    49th Floor - 49A Suite16,962sqft~ 113Inquire for pricing
    49A16,962sqft~ 113~$70 psf
    Space16,962sqft~ 113~$70 psf
    58th Floor17,238sqft~ 114~$70 psf
    58th Floor - Partial Suite17,238sqft~ 114Inquire for pricing
    58th Floor18,633sqft~ 124~$70 psf
    80th Floor18,652sqft~ 124Inquire for pricing
    61st Floor22,000sqft~ 146~$70 psf
    58th Floor26,292sqft~ 175~$70 psf
    Space26,292sqft~ 175~$70 psf
    47th Floor26,558sqft~ 177Inquire for pricing
    Space30,751sqft~ 205~$70 psf
    71st Floor30,751sqft~ 205~$70 psf
    Space34,382sqft~ 229~$70 psf
    Space34,775sqft~ 231~$70 psf
    Space36,099sqft~ 240~$70 psf
    82nd Floor36,099sqft~ 240Inquire for pricing
    Space36,555sqft~ 243~$70 psf
    Space36,960sqft~ 246~$70 psf
    57th Floor37,385sqft~ 249Inquire for pricing
    56th Floor37,927sqft~ 252Inquire for pricing
    Space40,144sqft~ 267~$70 psf
    73rd Floor40,144sqft~ 267~$70 psf
    Space40,763sqft~ 271~$70 psf
    59th Floor44,133sqft~ 294~$70 psf
    57th Floor57,927sqft~ 386Inquire for pricing



    World Trade Center

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