299 Park Avenue

Westvaco Building

New York, NY 10171

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Building Details

  • Owner/Leasing ManagerFisher Brothers; Rockpoint Investments
  • Floors43
  • ArchitectEmery Roth & Sons
  • Walk Score®97
  • Year Built1967

299 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10171 is located on the corner of 29th Street and Park Avenue. Completed in 1967, the building stands at 43 floors tall and features over 1,200,000 square feet in office space for rent, making it quite a sizable structure. Although an older building, the structure was recently renovated and now offers high quality office space and support. The structure sits in the heart of Midtown and subsequently benefits from some of New York’s best amenities. In addition to hundreds of restaurants in close proximity, 299 Park Avenue benefits from being close to green and blue MTA subway lines. 277 Park Avenue also stands in the heart of a central business district, making it ideal for organizations needing closeness to partner firms or clients. Such excellent placement adds a significant amount of value for the building’s tenants. For much of its history, the building housed Westvaco and was subsequently known as the Westvaco Building. Today, the company’s successor, MeadWestvaco, continues to use the building as a regional office. 299 Park is a large black skyscraper with alternating shiny and matte thin stainless steel mullions emphasizing its height.

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6th Floor80sqft~ 1~$105 psf
Space80sqft~ 1~$105 psf
Space100sqft~ 1~$105 psf
6th Floor150sqft~ 1~$105 psf
Space250sqft~ 1~$105 psf
6th Floor250sqft~ 1~$105 psf
6th Floor450sqft~ 3~$105 psf
6th Floor500sqft~ 3~$105 psf
6th Floor700sqft~ 4~$105 psf
6th Floor1,200sqft~ 8~$105 psf
1st Floor3,041sqft~ 20~$105 psf
41st Floor - Suite 41044,220sqft~ 28Inquire for pricing
Suite 41044,220sqft~ 28Inquire for pricing
Office Space4,220sqft~ 28~$105 psf
6th Floor5,000sqft~ 33~$105 psf
41st Floor6,293sqft~ 41Inquire for pricing
41st Floor7,209sqft~ 48~$105 psf
20th Floor8,119sqft~ 54~$105 psf
34th Floor - Suite 34019,670sqft~ 64~$105 psf
20th Floor12,218sqft~ 81~$105 psf
30th Floor15,741sqft~ 104~$105 psf
20th Floor18,187sqft~ 121~$105 psf
12th Floor18,878sqft~ 125Inquire for pricing
20th Floor20,337sqft~ 135~$105 psf
4th Floor28,300sqft~ 188~$105 psf
7th Floor28,300sqft~ 188~$105 psf
2nd Floor28,300sqft~ 188~$105 psf
6th Floor28,300sqft~ 188$87 psf
5th Floor28,300sqft~ 188~$105 psf
3rd Floor28,300sqft~ 188~$105 psf
Space28,336sqft~ 188~$105 psf
12th Floor28,586sqft~ 190Inquire for pricing
12th Floor28,590sqft~ 190~$105 psf
34th Floor29,725sqft~ 198~$105 psf
33rd Floor29,733sqft~ 198~$105 psf
20th Floor29,812sqft~ 198~$105 psf
30th Floor - Entire Suite29,812sqft~ 198~$105 psf
5th Floor85,000sqft~ 566~$105 psf
6th Floor85,000sqft~ 566~$105 psf
4th Floor85,000sqft~ 566~$105 psf



Park Avenue

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