594 Broadway

Lyons Building

New York, NY 10012

  • 435 - 10,524 sqft~ 2 - 70 seats
  • inquire for pricing

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  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Walk Score®98
  • Noise Index0.73

594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 is a 12-story office building located in Lower Manhattan’s thriving and exciting district of Nolita. It was built in 1900, featuring an elegant aesthetic design. This exclusive business center is located near multiple train and subway stations for an easy commute across New York City. Enjoy the elegance and comfort away from the madness of Soho.

The business center offers flexible agreements and several outstanding services, including meeting and conference rooms, utilities, Wi-Fi, occupancy with minimum startup costs, and cleaning. Fully furnished offices are available. The area is full of activity and home to some of the most luxurious and convenient provisions, including fantastic restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and other essential amenities.

The building has a vast array of professional equipment and facilities provided on-site to support your specific business requirements with ease. It’s a perfect location for small to medium-size teams looking to focus on their work.

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  • Availability

    Suite 410435sqft~ 2~$80 psf
    2nd Floor - 203A Suite587sqft~ 3$48 psf
    203A Suite587sqft~ 3~$80 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 1206674sqft~ 4$125 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 1206703sqft~ 4$50 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 1205711sqft~ 4$65 psf
    Suite 1215722sqft~ 4~$80 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 1215722sqft~ 4$64 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 1215726sqft~ 4$65 psf
    Suite 305834sqft~ 5~$80 psf
    Suite 305904sqft~ 6~$80 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 1208927sqft~ 6$52 psf
    Suite 1208927sqft~ 6~$80 psf
    Suite 1214964sqft~ 6$49 psf
    7th Floor - 704 - Breather Suite1,108sqft~ 7$125 psf
    7th Floor - Suite 7041,108sqft~ 7$124 psf
    Suite 7041,108sqft~ 7~$80 psf
    7th Floor - Suite 7041,188sqft~ 7$54 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5051,487sqft~ 9$62 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 6081,606sqft~ 10$52 psf
    Suite 6081,606sqft~ 10~$80 psf
    Suite 6091,760sqft~ 11~$80 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 9081,767sqft~ 11$52 psf
    Suite 9081,767sqft~ 11$50 psf
    Suite 11041,824sqft~ 12~$80 psf
    11th Floor - Suite 11041,842sqft~ 12$49 psf
    11th Floor - Suite 11062,245sqft~ 14$52 psf
    Suite 4022,251sqft~ 15~$80 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4022,251sqft~ 15$48 psf
    Suite 3022,277sqft~ 15$48 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10042,293sqft~ 15$49 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10042,294sqft~ 15$49 psf
    Suite 8042,349sqft~ 15~$80 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 8042,349sqft~ 15$49 psf
    Suite 12162,413sqft~ 16~$80 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12162,413sqft~ 16$52 psf
    Suite 10012,934sqft~ 19$52 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10012,934sqft~ 19$65 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 6012,978sqft~ 19$52 psf
    Suite 6012,978sqft~ 19~$80 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 9013,110sqft~ 20$52 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12023,136sqft~ 20$52 psf
    Suite 12023,136sqft~ 20~$80 psf
    12th Floor3,136sqft~ 20$52 psf
    2nd Floor - Suite 2053,325sqft~ 22$52 psf
    Suite 3013,410sqft~ 22~$80 psf
    Suite 10033,613sqft~ 24~$80 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10033,613sqft~ 24$62 psf
    7th Floor - 701 - Coworking Suite3,735sqft~ 24Inquire for pricing
    4th Floor - Suite 4074,139sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
    Suite 4074,319sqft~ 28Inquire for pricing
    Suite 8055,332sqft~ 35~$80 psf
    10th Floor7,167sqft~ 47~$80 psf
    Suite 10107,167sqft~ 47~$80 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10107,936sqft~ 52~$80 psf
    Suite 10107,963sqft~ 53~$80 psf
    2nd Floor - Suite 20010,524sqft~ 70$52 psf
    Suite 20010,524sqft~ 70~$80 psf




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