595 Madison Avenue

The Fuller Building

New York, NY 10022

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  • Walk Score®98
  • Noise Index0.53

595 Madison Avenue will offer your company a great space and prime location in Midtown. The building, which was constructed in 1929 and renovated in 2011, stands 40 floors tall and features a modern exterior, fiber internet, and on-site security.
Midtown offers a prime location in the heart of Manhattan. Transportation to and from 595 Madison Avenue will be a breeze with Grand Central Terminal and major MTA lines located close by. For a lunch break, head over to Urbanspace Vanderbilt for an upscale food court experience.

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8th Floor1,011sqft~ 6$78 psf
26th Floor1,290sqft~ 8~$95 psf
7th Floor - Part 7th Floor Suite1,403sqft~ 9$78 psf
8th Floor2,088sqft~ 13Inquire for pricing
4th Floor2,214sqft~ 14~$95 psf
25th Floor2,240sqft~ 14~$95 psf
20th Floor2,270sqft~ 15~$95 psf
11th Floor - Part 11th Floor Suite2,606sqft~ 17~$95 psf
11th Floor - 1103R Suite2,606sqft~ 17~$95 psf
13th Floor2,827sqft~ 18~$95 psf
39th Floor3,114sqft~ 20Inquire for pricing
6th Floor3,145sqft~ 20Inquire for pricing
6th Floor3,150sqft~ 21~$95 psf
13th Floor3,220sqft~ 21~$95 psf
38th Floor3,432sqft~ 22~$95 psf
8th Floor - Part 8th Floor Suite3,629sqft~ 24~$95 psf
4th Floor3,710sqft~ 24~$95 psf
7th Floor3,725sqft~ 24~$95 psf
7th Floor - Suite 7003,725sqft~ 24~$95 psf
33rd Floor - Suite 33003,920sqft~ 26$89 psf
31st Floor3,920sqft~ 26~$95 psf
36th Floor - Part 36th Floor Suite3,920sqft~ 26~$95 psf
33rd Floor - Entire 33rd Floor Suite3,920sqft~ 26~$95 psf
36th Floor - Suite 36003,920sqft~ 26~$95 psf
32nd Floor3,920sqft~ 26~$95 psf
8th Floor - Suite 8063,940sqft~ 26~$95 psf
8th Floor3,940sqft~ 26~$95 psf
Office Space4,120sqft~ 27~$95 psf
6th Floor4,430sqft~ 29~$95 psf
6th Floor - Suite 6004,430sqft~ 29~$95 psf
19th Floor - Suite 19035,280sqft~ 35~$95 psf
11th Floor5,400sqft~ 36$75 psf
11th Floor5,423sqft~ 36~$95 psf
11th Floor - Part 11th Floor Suite5,503sqft~ 36~$95 psf
4th Floor - Part 4th Floor Suite6,012sqft~ 40~$95 psf
4th Floor - Suite 4056,012sqft~ 40~$95 psf
4th Floor6,021sqft~ 40~$95 psf
5th Floor6,153sqft~ 41Inquire for pricing
5th Floor6,200sqft~ 41~$95 psf
3rd Floor10,075sqft~ 67~$95 psf
2nd Floor10,190sqft~ 67~$95 psf
13th Floor10,447sqft~ 69~$95 psf
13th Floor - Suite 130010,447sqft~ 69~$95 psf
13th Floor10,531sqft~ 70~$95 psf
13th Floor - Part 13th Floor Suite10,613sqft~ 70~$95 psf
10th Floor12,783sqft~ 85Inquire for pricing
14th Floor13,227sqft~ 88~$95 psf



Plaza District

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