601 West 26th Street, 15th Floor

Starrett Lehigh Building

New York, NY 10001

  • 2,470 sqft~16 seats
  • ~$65 psf

Listing Details

  • Loft StyleTRUE
  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease

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Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • Turnstile✔︎
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Walk Score®88
  • Noise Index0.57

601 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001 also known as the Starrett-Lehigh Building, is one of the largest buildings in New York, standing 19 floors high in the heart of Chelsea. It was built in 1931, renovated in 1998, and features common bike storage, an on-site fitness center and newsstands, and a number of dining options.

This massive Class B building, between Hudson Yards and the Gallery District, graces the West Chelsea Historic District of Manhattan. It became an official city landmark in 1986.

– Attended Lobby
– Turnstile
– 24/7 Access
– Owner/Leasing Manager – RXR Realty
– Floors – 20
– Height – 295.3 feet
– Architects – Russell G. Cory, Walter M. Cory, and Yasuo Matsui
– Walk Score – 99
– Transit Score – 100
– Year Built – 1931
– Noise Index 0.57

The area surrounding 601 West 26th Street has evolved quite a bit over the past few years. Attractions such as Chelsea Market and the Whitney Museum speak to the areas culture and diversity. Recently, Chelsea has also become home to a number of high-fashion boutiques, such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Christian Louboutin. 601 West 26th Street leaves little to be desired, with close proximity to New York’s best restaurants and shops, the High Line, Chelsea Park, Penn Station, and MTA lines 1, 2, A, C, and E.

The Starrett Corporation and the Lehigh Valley Railroad commissioned the building in 1930-31 as an industrial building, freight terminal, and warehouse. Cory & Cory Architects designed the building with Yasuo Matsui as an associate architect. In 2003, the building was redeveloped as retail and loft office space, including “The Expo” retail space, and a 13,024-sqft food hall dubbed the Starrett-Lehigh Depot. In 2011, RXR Realty acquired the property for $900m from Shorenstein Properties.

Prominent tenants include The Ralph Lauren Corporation, ICE, Tommy Hilfiger USA, Wheels Up Partners LLC, and OXO. The building features large windows with a fitness center and stunning views of Chelsea.

601 West 26th Street is easily accessible via public transit. Nearby parks include Chelsea Waterside Park, Clement Clarke Moore Park, and Pier 64.

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Mechanical Level - M290 Suite740sqft~ 4~$65 psf
Office Space1,037sqft~ 6$40 psf
Space1,053sqft~ 7~$65 psf
M201 Suite1,053sqft~ 7~$65 psf
Mezzanine - M227 Suite1,200sqft~ 8$40 psf
Office Space1,275sqft~ 8~$65 psf
18th Floor1,351sqft~ 9$64 psf
Office Space1,800sqft~ 12$40 psf
2nd Floor - M287 Suite1,879sqft~ 12$45 psf
13th Floor2,268sqft~ 15~$65 psf
12th Floor - Suite 12472,306sqft~ 15~$65 psf
12th Floor2,375sqft~ 15~$65 psf
15th Floor2,470sqft~ 16~$65 psf
15th Floor2,474sqft~ 16~$65 psf
17th Floor2,548sqft~ 16~$65 psf
14th Floor2,600sqft~ 17~$65 psf
14th Floor - Suite 14502,600sqft~ 17~$65 psf
12th Floor - Suite 12302,620sqft~ 17~$65 psf
Mezzanine2,927sqft~ 19$43 psf
12th Floor - Suite 12402,955sqft~ 19~$65 psf
Mechanical Level - M288 Suite3,086sqft~ 20~$65 psf
8th Floor4,049sqft~ 26~$65 psf
8th Floor5,000sqft~ 33~$65 psf
12th Floor - Suite 12355,200sqft~ 34$76 psf
12th Floor5,240sqft~ 34~$65 psf
13th Floor5,268sqft~ 35~$65 psf
2nd Floor5,775sqft~ 38~$65 psf
2nd Floor6,037sqft~ 40~$65 psf
2nd Floor6,040sqft~ 40~$65 psf
3rd Floor - Suite 3556,286sqft~ 41~$65 psf
3rd Floor - Suite 3556,386sqft~ 42~$65 psf
3rd Floor7,423sqft~ 49~$65 psf
12th Floor - Suite 12507,721sqft~ 51~$65 psf
4th Floor7,785sqft~ 51Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor8,278sqft~ 55~$65 psf
Mezzanine - M267 Suite8,422sqft~ 56~$65 psf
17th Floor - Suite 17009,525sqft~ 63~$65 psf
8th Floor9,924sqft~ 66~$65 psf
12th Floor - Suite 12429,942sqft~ 66~$65 psf
12th Floor - Suite 122312,687sqft~ 84~$65 psf
3rd Floor12,777sqft~ 85~$65 psf
3rd Floor - Suite 30112,777sqft~ 85$79 psf
14th Floor - Suite 142513,047sqft~ 86~$65 psf
15th Floor15,418sqft~ 102Inquire for pricing
8th Floor - Suite 81016,000sqft~ 106~$65 psf
8th Floor - Suite 81016,559sqft~ 110$76 psf
4th Floor - Suite 41016,559sqft~ 110~$65 psf
3rd Floor17,078sqft~ 113~$65 psf
4th Floor17,394sqft~ 115~$65 psf
17th Floor - Suite 176517,395sqft~ 115~$65 psf
12th Floor17,633sqft~ 117~$65 psf
2nd Floor18,295sqft~ 121~$65 psf
19th Floor18,326sqft~ 122~$65 psf
2nd Floor18,730sqft~ 124~$65 psf
15th Floor - Suite 150519,030sqft~ 126~$65 psf
17th Floor - Suite 170023,208sqft~ 154~$65 psf
9th Floor - 900A Suite28,876sqft~ 192$76 psf
4th Floor - Suite 41030,295sqft~ 201~$65 psf
9th Floor30,325sqft~ 202Inquire for pricing
4th Floor - Suite 40538,272sqft~ 255~$65 psf
10th Floor44,033sqft~ 293Inquire for pricing
Office Space46,764sqft~ 311Inquire for pricing
5th Floor47,144sqft~ 314Inquire for pricing
15th Floor54,550sqft~ 363~$65 psf
8th Floor55,628sqft~ 370Inquire for pricing
18th Floor68,604sqft~ 457~$65 psf
13th Floor - Suite 130070,436sqft~ 469~$65 psf
9th Floor75,652sqft~ 504Inquire for pricing
4th Floor - 400A&B Suite98,843sqft~ 658~$65 psf
3rd Floor102,379sqft~ 682~$65 psf




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