1600 Market Street, 13th Floor

Rittenhouse Square

Philadelphia, PA 19103

  • 6,296 sqft~41 seats
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  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease

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  • Walk Score®100

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14th Floor - Suite 1420908sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
17th Floor - Suite 1776928sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
3rd Floor - Suite 3001,000sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
17th Floor1,261sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
17th Floor1,518sqft~ 10Inquire for pricing
17th Floor - Suite 17101,597sqft~ 10Inquire for pricing
17th Floor - Suite 17101,612sqft~ 10Inquire for pricing
18th Floor - Suite 18101,915sqft~ 12Inquire for pricing
14th Floor - Suite 14151,917sqft~ 12Inquire for pricing
14th Floor2,203sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
17th Floor - Suite 17202,297sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
20th Floor - Suite 20502,349sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
16th Floor2,754sqft~ 18Inquire for pricing
15th Floor2,963sqft~ 19Inquire for pricing
20th Floor3,146sqft~ 20Inquire for pricing
5th Floor - Suite 5053,284sqft~ 21Inquire for pricing
5th Floor - Suite 5053,333sqft~ 22Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - Suite 26203,363sqft~ 22Inquire for pricing
13th Floor - Suite 13053,639sqft~ 24Inquire for pricing
25th Floor - Suite 25203,939sqft~ 26Inquire for pricing
5th Floor - Suite 5104,058sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
5th Floor4,058sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
5th Floor - Suite 5104,118sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
15th Floor - Suite 15104,141sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
20th Floor4,716sqft~ 31Inquire for pricing
33 Floor Suite4,760sqft~ 31Inquire for pricing
16th Floor4,776sqft~ 31Inquire for pricing
33rd Floor4,780sqft~ 31Inquire for pricing
20th Floor - Suite 20704,980sqft~ 33Inquire for pricing
Lobby Retail Suite5,066sqft~ 33Inquire for pricing
34th Floor - Suite 34505,492sqft~ 36Inquire for pricing
26th Floor - Suite 26015,530sqft~ 36Inquire for pricing
13th Floor6,296sqft~ 41Inquire for pricing
13th Floor6,323sqft~ 42Inquire for pricing
38th Floor - Suite 38007,148sqft~ 47Inquire for pricing
17th Floor7,675sqft~ 51Inquire for pricing
38th Floor - Suite 38109,203sqft~ 61Inquire for pricing
15th Floor - Suite 15009,331sqft~ 62Inquire for pricing
15th Floor9,331sqft~ 62Inquire for pricing
15th Floor - Suite 15009,471sqft~ 63Inquire for pricing
27th Floor - Suite 270010,000sqft~ 66Inquire for pricing
3rd Floor - Suite 30010,000sqft~ 66Inquire for pricing
17th Floor - Suite 180010,405sqft~ 69Inquire for pricing
18th Floor - Suite 180010,405sqft~ 69Inquire for pricing
25th Floor11,634sqft~ 77Inquire for pricing
26th Floor12,037sqft~ 80Inquire for pricing
3rd Floor - Suite 30012,111sqft~ 80Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - Suite 20012,442sqft~ 82Inquire for pricing
18th Floor13,363sqft~ 89Inquire for pricing
39th Floor15,751sqft~ 105Inquire for pricing
20th Floor15,775sqft~ 105Inquire for pricing
38th Floor - Suite 380016,351sqft~ 109Inquire for pricing
14th Floor16,518sqft~ 110Inquire for pricing
3rd Floor - Suite 30017,819sqft~ 118Inquire for pricing
12th Floor21,624sqft~ 144Inquire for pricing
25th Floor22,055sqft~ 147Inquire for pricing
34th Floor22,502sqft~ 150Inquire for pricing
28th Floor - Suite 280022,681sqft~ 151Inquire for pricing
30th Floor - Suite 300022,681sqft~ 151Inquire for pricing
29th Floor - Suite 290022,681sqft~ 151Inquire for pricing
28th Floor - Suite 280023,021sqft~ 153Inquire for pricing
29th Floor - Suite 290023,021sqft~ 153Inquire for pricing



Rittenhouse Square

As the neighborhood centered around one of Philadelphia’s oldest and most popular town squares, Rittenhouse Square pulses with a vibrant, historic energy. High-rise buildings, boasting some of the nation’s top-tier apartments, elegantly overlook quaint buildings fashioned in the Italianate and Art Deco styles of eras past.

Although bustling Chestnut Street runs through its borders, Rittenhouse feels decidedly removed from the chaos of city life. Indeed, it provides respite for urban denizens, many of whom relish a moment’s escape amid the leafy trees and treasured statues that line the park. The area’s convenient locale has rendered it popular with businesses who are seeking proximity to the Central Business District. It’s also suitable for law firms in need of quick access to the city’s nearby courthouses.

Businesses who choose to rent Rittenhouse Square office space will count as their new neighbors the latest building from PMC Property Group, at Market and 23rd streets; Rittenhouse Row, the neighborhood’s own marketing and event management firm; and the architectural treasure that is Philadelphia City Hall.

Rittenhouse Square Office Space | Lease Data & Trends

Right now may just be the best time to rent premium office space in this highly coveted pocket, commonly cited as one of the country’s finest urban neighborhoods. The average asking rent for Class A office space around Rittenhouse Square is approximately $31 per square foot, compared to  around $28 per square foot for office space in a Class B building. Asking rents vary depending on a variety of factors, including building quality (age, amenities, class, etc), lease term, and location.

Most businesses can find Rittenhouse Square office space at more affordable prices than equivalents in University City or South Philadelphia and the Navy Yard. The submarket rent prices are similar to those found in Center City.

Rittenhouse Square, Philadephia

What Our Brokers Say About Rittenhouse Square Office Space for Rent

Rittenhouse Square packs a lot into its diminutive seven acres, and the surrounding area is no different. But rather than alienate visitors with a sense of hubbub, the Rittenhouse neighborhood manages to reflect the park’s welcoming energy. Warm weather inspires decorated eateries, such as Parc and Tria Cafe, to open up their sidewalks – creating the perfect setting for lunch meetings, or hosting post-work events.

Come winter, lines queue at coffee shops like Rival Bros. and Parliament as snow lands on the rows of trees in the park. And year-round, shoppers flock to the unassuming combination of upscale boutiques and eclectic stores that comprise Rittenhouse Row. Locally-owned retailers, such as Skirt and Kiki Hughes, thrive alongside global branches, like the stores found inside The Shops at Liberty Palace. Overall, there’s something quintessentially European about this historic neighborhood.

Luckily, Rittenhouse is a much closer commute for residents than would be Paris or London. Office goers have the option of taking SEPTA to nearby Suburban Station (a 10-minute walk), which services all SEPTA Regional Rail trains. PATCO is close as well, at the 15/16th & Locust Street Station. The square is easily reached by car, too, thanks to the nearby Schuylkill Expressway. As with so many of Philly’s neighborhoods, bikes are welcome in Rittenhouse, thanks in part to the nearby Schuylkill River Trail. And for those who prefer to traverse by foot, the area holds an impressive 99 score in walkability from WalkScore.

With everything the area has to offer, commuters will likely want to stick around outside of work, too. The square hosts one of the city’s biggest farmers’ market, at 18th and Walnut, every Saturday year-round.  And seasonal events – like the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival, the annual Christmas tree lighting, and a century-old flower show – draw thousands of visitors to this scenic little square.

Get to Know Rittenhouse Square

In the time since its 17th-century inception as one of William Penn’s original five squares, Rittenhouse has come to connote prestige –  there’s a reason Marilyn Monroe’s social-climbing character references it in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Formerly dubbed (for its coordinates) Southwest Square, the park was re-christened in 1825 to honor native son and famed astronomer, David Rittenhouse. Shortly thereafter, the city’s elite began moving to the neighborhood, contributing a heritage of stately residences to the area.

Today, the original mansions that once faced the square have mostly given way to apartments and cultural establishments. Among the many touted locales are the Academy of Vocal Arts (AVA), the University of the Arts, and the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music, all of which offer public showings and events on a regular basis. An expansive history of medical oddities is on display at the nearby Mütter museum, and two 19th-century townhouses come to well-preserved life at the Rosenbach Museum and Library on Delancey Place.

Neighborhood Maintenance and Revitalization

In 1976, the Friends of Rittenhouse – a nonprofit whose office overlooks its eponymous responsibility – was created to ensure preservation of the square. That maintenance and conservation of the park is overseen by residents, rather than the government, is testimony to the deep pride Philadelphians feel for this cultural landmark. Of all the city’s original squares, residents avow that Rittenhouse has fared the prettiest. Its biggest aesthetic development took place in 1913, when a French architect, Paul Philippe Cret, was commissioned to redesign certain parts of the park to emulate Paris and the French Gardens. Over 100 years later, Cret’s conceptions – including park railings, pools, and fountains – have come to be synonymous with the park itself.

In its 300-plus years of existence, the square has been home to successful merchants, upscale hotels, and storefronts of contemporary enterprises such as Warby Parker and Anthropologie. But despite these changes, one constant remains: This small area is one of the most desirable, in-demand nooks for businesses and residents alike in the City of Brotherly Love.

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