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1716 Greenwood Avenue


$2219 - $28144 monthly

($28 - $47 psf)


921 - 8,041 sf


6 - 53 employees

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East Nashville

East Nashville Office Space for Rent

A historic neighborhood with a renewed style and a modern atmosphere to go with it, East Nashville is one of the city’s most desirable communities. In its glory days, East Nashville was the place to be, full of affluent families and towering Victorian mansions. Today, it still is a beautiful place, and when you need office space for rent in East Nashville, the city is bursting with it.

One of Nashville’s hottest neighborhoods, East Nashville is famous among younger generations, and the modern architecture and activities throughout the community reflect a liberal, laid-back, and welcoming culture. Young musicians, artists, and families occupy the neighborhood’s office spaces and keep small businesses thriving. An East Nashville office space won’t last long on the market.

East Nashville Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

During the 2021 Q2, East Nashville’s overall vacancy rate was significantly lower than anywhere else in the city, with a rate of only 4.3%. This neighborhood is one of the areas where a positive amount of absorption occurred. More leases took place during this period rather than increasing vacancies, although the increase in new leases was not as significant as that of nearby Cool Springs and Franklin, TN.

Overall asking rent in East Nashville per square foot is $20.50, one of the least expensive rental prices across Nashville’s neighborhoods. The average asking rent for Class A office space is not much higher, at $22.50.

In future developments, East Nashville is on a path to continued expansion and innovation for commercial office space. Cushman & Wakefield’s data report for the second quarter indicates a prediction of positive growth as the city recovers from the pandemic and employment rates improve. However, sublease office space will likely decrease throughout Nashville’s office space submarkets as work operations normalize.

What Our Brokers Say About East Nashville Office Space

East Nashville’s atmosphere relies heavily on the retail industry and is a significant opportunity zone for those looking to start a retail endeavor. With several restaurants, bars, shops, and recreational areas, East Nashville office space dots the area’s subdivisions, including Inglewood, Lockeland Springs, Edgefield, and East End.

East Nashville has a few non-traditional office space solutions, such as the WeWork Office Space & Coworking and Center 615. Those looking for office space in East Nashville have options and don’t necessarily need to opt for private office space!

Top Commercial Buildings in East Nashville

1716 Greenwood Avenue: With availabilities ranging from 900 to 8,000 square feet, office space at the Eastwood Village on Greenwood Avenue has options for businesses of all sizes.

225 South 6th Street: Ranging from 866 to 26,595 square feet, this 6th Street office building gives you the versatility and suite availability you need to run your business smoothly, no matter how big your team is.

Get to Know East Nashville

The East Nashville neighborhood’s modern, artistic atmosphere is especially inviting for those who enjoy leisure. Because the Cumberland River blocks off access to East Nashville from the South, a car is the best way to travel to the area when commuting to and from your newly rented office space.

Popular attractions for food and beverages include American cuisine at the Butcher & Bee and Southern specialties from Lockeland Table. Visit the Five Points area to see East Nashville’s vibrant, expressive street art and relax at one of the highly-rated bars. The area is rich in parks and wildlife, with the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center bordering the south side of the East Nashville neighborhood.

Why Rent Office Space in East Nashville?

Why should you rent office space in East Nashville? This eccentric neighborhood offers residents and visitors the experience they want, between buzzing nightlife and diverse cuisine or a relaxing stroll through a community park. Accessible by multiple interstates, East Nashville is a mecca for creative endeavors, including businesses.

East Nashville’s office space is surprisingly affordable despite it being in such a modern locale. Compared to Downtown Nashville or Midtown, rent for commercial office space here is a steal. If you are looking to attract a young crowd with your company’s offerings, East Nashville is the neighborhood where your office space should be.

Nearby Neighborhoods to Set Up Office Space

Do you think East Nashville lacks the unique qualities that other Nashville neighborhoods have? Here are some considerations for your next office space outside of the neighborhood.

Downtown: The heart of the city, Downtown Nashville is full of office space for rent. Commercial rent averages at around $35 now with the current property investments and developments in the neighborhood.

Midtown: Easily the most expensive part of Nashville, many Class A office spaces are available in this part of town. If you intend to maintain a relaxed yet professional atmosphere among a diverse group of residents, making Midtown the headquarters of your office space is a wise decision.

Music Row: This area is known for its professional music scene, where many of today’s country music stars started. Renting an office space in the area can start you on your way to working with Nashville’s highly-regarded entertainment industry professionals.


When you need office space for rent, East Nashville is an incredible location with enthusiastic, young creatives and a modern feel with the charm of a rich historical background. Contact us during your search for office space for rent in East Nashville and the surrounding areas — we can help you find the best space for your needs.