1106 Clayton Lane, Space

Twin Towers

Austin, TX 78723

  • 13,585 sqft~90 seats
  • Inquire for pricing

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease

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Building Details

  • Walk Score®49

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546W Suite185sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
543W Suite261sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
560W Suite266sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
547W Suite266sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
542W Suite268sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
518W Suite292sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
519W Suite398sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
545W Suite459sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
553W Suite489sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
204E Suite536sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - 204E Suite538sqft~ 3$32 psf
240W Suite542sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - 216E Suite594sqft~ 3$32 psf
216E Suite594sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - 212E Suite679sqft~ 4$32 psf
212E Suite679sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - 204W Suite717sqft~ 4$32 psf
1st Floor - 135E Suite880sqft~ 5$29 psf
2nd Floor - 230W Suite1,029sqft~ 6$29 psf
2nd Floor - 202W Suite1,106sqft~ 7$29 psf
100W Suite1,279sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
111W Suite1,462sqft~ 9Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - 215E Suite1,628sqft~ 10$29 psf
1st Floor - 102E Suite1,635sqft~ 10$29 psf
2nd Floor - 218E Suite2,219sqft~ 14$29 psf
214E Suite2,223sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - 250W Suite2,254sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
1st Floor - 120W Suite2,305sqft~ 15$29 psf
4th Floor - 470W Suite2,319sqft~ 15$29 psf
4th Floor - 480W Suite2,394sqft~ 15$29 psf
4th Floor - 490W Suite2,452sqft~ 16$29 psf
2nd Floor - 225E Suite3,466sqft~ 23Inquire for pricing
105W Suite3,624sqft~ 24Inquire for pricing
3rd Floor - 350W Suite4,170sqft~ 27$29 psf
2nd Floor - 210W Suite5,177sqft~ 34Inquire for pricing
1st Floor - 101E Suite5,950sqft~ 39$29 psf
4th Floor - 430W Suite5,996sqft~ 39Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - 240E Suite6,386sqft~ 42Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - 212E Suite6,798sqft~ 45Inquire for pricing
2nd Floor - 270W Suite7,682sqft~ 51$29 psf
2nd Floor - 270W Suite7,716sqft~ 51$29 psf
4th Floor - 450E Suite8,402sqft~ 56$29 psf
4th Floor - 450E Suite8,928sqft~ 59$29 psf
3rd Floor - 300W Suite11,801sqft~ 78$29 psf
3rd Floor - 300W Suite13,585sqft~ 90$29 psf
Space13,585sqft~ 90Inquire for pricing


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